Online Music Classes With Taal Inc.

The drums are one of those instruments that you have probably always wanted to learn but never got around to actually doing it. Well, now is your chance to learn Djembe online or enjoy a Junk percussion jam with people from around the world, from the comfort of your home.

Are you looking for Drum Classes in Pune? Did you want to learn the Djembe (in it’s authentic traditional West African form?) or Want to make music and jam with people using junk lying around at your home? Look no further because Taal Inc. is the place for you. If you also can’t imagine being quarantined without art and music, we have something special in store for you. We’ve curated some really fun and interesting online music making and learning experiences for you. You can choose to register for 1 on 1 classes with our highly skilled and internationally acclaimed Djembe teachers or go for a collaborative music making experiences using instruments invented by yourself with our extremely fun and expert facilitators. Go ahead, register for any or all of these fun sessions with your family or on your own and make the most of your quarantine days.

Taal Inc. Online Junk Percussion Jam

Put on your musical hats. Bring a paint bucket or a cardboard box, utensils or just some gravel in a plastic bottle and we’ll take you on a joyride of making music using just that.

Quarantining doesn’t have to be boring and definitely not music less, While we’re certain that all of you are bringing out your inner chefs, writers, poets and artists while staying home, We came up with something extremely entertaining and stress busting to cater to your musical needs and help you meet the musician within you. The ‘Taal Inc Online Junk Percussion Jam’ is that fulfilling and rhythmic experience for you where you get to make music with junk lying around at your house, stuff that you never thought could be used to create music and jam with your family and other participants while you’re at it. Can you think of a more energetic and rejuvenating way to make your sunday mornings more memorable? Go ahead, Register here.

Taal Inc Junk Percussion Jam per person (Rs.500)

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Taal Inc Junk Percussion Jam for family (Rs.750)

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Online Djembe 1 on 1 Classes with Varun Venkit

Learn Djembe online with the country’s one and only Senior Certified Djembe Instructor, a powerhouse drummer and an internationally acclaimed Drum Circle Facilitator.

Always been fascinated with Djembe and wanted to learn how to play? Well, What better time to do it than now? You can now take up Online Djembe Classes with the man himself, Varun Venkit from the comfort of your home. Varun is the only Senior Certified Djembe Teacher representing the Tam Tam Mandingue International Djembe Academy in India. In these classes, you’ll learn the traditional West African Rhythms, their history and the cultural significance. Go ahead, register soon and come out of the quarantine as a Djembefola! Register here.

1 on 1 session with Varun Venkit 60 min (Rs.3100)

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1 on 1 session with Varun Venkit 90 min (Rs.3700)

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Online Djembe Classes with Aditya Gopalakrishnan

Want to learn Djembe with a group or have 1 on 1 classes and have the best of both worlds by playing the Djembe and diving deep into the world of Traditional West African Culture and Rhythms? You’ve landed at the right place.

Learn the traditional west African style of playing the Djembe with the youngest and very dynamic TTM Certified Beginner Djembe Instructor in India, Aditya Gopalakrishnan. Learn the stories and culture associated with the rhythms and have fun with the group while at it. This is a one of a kind experience where you learn a new instrument with an extremely rich cultural heritage with an expert teacher, practice it with a group and also make friends with a new music instrument, a new culture and lots of new people. Or if you prefer a more personal and direct approach towards learning, 1 on 1 classes with Aditya is the answer for you. Aditya is as comfortable, innovative and experimental with 1 on 1 classes as he is with the fun group classes, all this while you sit comfortably at your homes, could quarantining be any better?

1 on 1 session with Aditya Gopalakrishnan

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