Welcome to an experiential session, using the medium of creative arts for enhancing self-awareness, leading towards self-growth and development by expressing, exploring and loving the true self. 

My journey of Arts began when I started to move/dance authentically, to express myself. Up until then dance meant only performance. I then explored various arts as a medium to achieve non-performance goals. As I moved further to know more about the benefits of arts, I saw experienced change within for the better and started to know myself better by reconnecting with my core, my true self. 

I answered a few questions in this process of self-work with the objective of understanding things internally and taking a step toward self-growth & development. I mulled and explored questions like ‘What do I really want, what’s my purpose?’, ‘What makes me happy, what drives me?’, ‘How do I feel in the moment?’, ‘What would make me feel better right now?’, ‘What do I enjoy the most?’. With every answer, came a process of self-work. The arts helped me tap into the unknown, unexplored parts of self. This is where words just didn’t suffice. 

I’ve framed these sessions learning from my own insights and experiences. These sessions are interactive and fun, which are designed around self-love & care. In the process they also help in developing confidence, self-esteem, and provide a medium for self-expression & awareness. Using body/movement, colors, words, music, creative visualization and meditation, we will achieve a state of awareness to focus on the self and provide it with the love, compassion and care that it requires in the moment. The takeaways are varied for each individual and can be applied to their daily lives to incorporate change for them and achieve a different perspective towards life. The sessions being a facilitated process, are an inward journey taken by the individuals by themselves at their pace.

We have curated these playful, spontaneous & intuitive sessions of self-care, targeting women/girls and created a sharing space to express, inspire and be held for who they truly are. A woman being of nature to nurture and care for their loved ones, forget the needs of the self; of love and compassion for the self. These sessions provide the much needed ‘me-time’ and fill each other with a sense of belongingness, creating a safe and comfortable environment to go deeper within & love the true self.