Taal Inc Kids in Rhythm

Drum, Sing, Move… Be a Kid In Rhythm

What is Kids in Rhythm?


The Taal Inc. Kids in Rhythm sessions demonstrate the importance of rhythm and arts-based interventions in one’s life, especially in a child’s formative years. Apart from obviously building a strong musical foundation, drumming, creative movement and vocal exploration has also been shown to provide a child with a healthy channel of expression, hence promoting all-round growth and development in terms of higher confidence, self-assurance, expression, tolerance and intelligence… all this, through an activity that is novel and fun.

The inspiring new world of rhythm is bound to take your child by storm and the loving and exciting atmosphere created by our facilitators is guaranteed to leave them asking for more!

Come, and let your child be a part of the exciting new wave of holistically intelligent children. Contact us to have a trial class

The objectives of this session will be

To develop an understanding of pulse, tempo and rhythm as a general concept.

To experience recreational group drumming and the benefits thereof.

Embodying rhythms; feeling rhythms as opposed to counting them.

Understanding basic body percussion concepts and the connection of movement and rhythm.

To build an understanding of djembe and West African culture: rhythms, role in society and its application or connection to India.

To develop awareness of folk instruments of Indian culture.

We have classes running throughout the year at various venues, click on the links below for details on individual events –




Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Taal Inc. certified Kids In Rhythm facilitator!

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