Taal Inc Research and Training

Customized, arts-based, experiential, inclusive, indoor and outdoor training programmes

Our Aim


Design and execute quantifiable arts and experience based training programmes for teams


Document arts-based interventions from an academic standpoint


Offer customized experiential activities over a period of time to address relevant training needs

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Taal Inc’s core strength is positively influencing measurable change in human potential and human resources. Based on extensive academic research by our team of published researchers psychologists we have designed a range of services to enhance workplace efficiency.

We study interventions such as music, rhythm, movement, fine arts, yoga and physical exercises and analyze – even measure where possible – their positive effects on certain behavioral parameters. Our goal is to better understand how the arts can be used to improve our health and well-being and to apply this at the workplace.

Track Record

We’ve worked in areas such as:


Team-Building: Truly understanding group dynamics that go into the formation and sustenance of a team.


Leadership: Understanding and personifying leadership through a series of practice-based activities.


Stress Reduction & Relaxation: & its relation to increased productivity, awareness and techniques to apply it in ones’ life.


Motivation & Confidence: Sourcing one’s motivation internally.


It emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of such programmes, therefore providing a holistic analysis from research conducted.


Social Sciences Research Organization for Health and Wellbeing

FLOW is a research organization that sprouted from the Taal Inc Training and Research division and aims at understanding various issues in different populations related to health and well-being through the disciplines of Psychology, Music, Anthropology, Sociology, Physical Education, Exercise and Sports, and Health.

It emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of such programs, therefore providing a holistic analysis from research conducted.

Published In – Arts & Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice
Exploring the potential of group drumming as a group therapy for young female commercial sex workers in Mumbai, India. (Varun Venkit, Dr. Anand Godse, Amruta Godse) .

Perceived emotional intelligence and conflict resolution styles among information technology professionals: Testing the mediating role of personality (Dr. Anand S Godse, Nutankumar S Thingujam) .

Published In – International Journal of Yoga; Volume 8
Effects of suryanamaskar on relaxation among college students with high stress in Pune, India (Dr. Anand Sharad Godse, Dr. Bhaskar R Shejwal, Amruta Anand Godse) .
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