West African Djembe Classes

Djembe Classes for older kids – Adults!

Taal Inc believes in teaching with a spirit of universality and excellence.Along with technique on how to play the djembe and various rhythms, students will learn authentic background information of when and why these rhythms were originally played.


Our classes are held once a week at various venues in India. For the sake of convenience, one module runs across two months or eight sessions. We have a fixed intake system. Before every module there are two free, demo sessions which you can attend to try your hand at the djembe before registering for the module.
In our experience, a dedicated beginner should require two to three such modules to attain a strong foundation.

We are equipped to design and run year-long or ongoing djembe & rhythm curricula at your institution. Please read more about it here:

The aim of our beginner djembe classes are:


To introduce the student to the djembe, west-African (Mandingue) culture and tradition.


To impart knowledge about its basic playing technique (bass, tone and slap).


To play djembe accompaniments for five to seven traditional djembe rhythms.


To get the student used to playing with Dununs (backing bass drums in a djembe ensemble).


To familiarize the student to the start and stop signals.

Learn Djembe, then?

To give the students something to aspire to, we have created the Taal Inc. Students Ensemble which is a band that is run totally by students who perform regularly in and around the city.

For students who wish to take rhythm appraisement (or exams) on an internationally accepted syllabus for the djembe created for optimum learning in today’s day and age, Varun Venkit is India’s only authorized certifier to conduct TTM level assessments. You can read more about TTM assessments here:
TTM assessments

Know more about the djembe & it’s history, click here:

Contact us for upcoming sessions and other details: or +91 7767 862 929

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