Taal Inc Djembe Teacher Training Course

The TAAL INC. DJEMBE TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM is an intensive and custom-designed training program to learn how to play the Djembe in it’s traditioal West-African style and also eventually become a teacher of the Djembe with Taal Inc. This way, you will be a part of India’s first wave of Djembe instructors.

What is the djembe?

A djembe is a goblet-shaped percussion instrument that hails from West-Africa. It gets its name from the Bambara saying ‘Anke Dje Anke Be’ which means ‘We gather together to drum for peace’. The djembe has existed since the 13th century and has now spread to every part of the world. Taal Inc. is India’s only school where you can study traditional West African (Djembe) drumming. To help spread the djembe across the country we are proud to announce the intensive djembe instructor course.

Who is a Djembe Instructor?

A Djembe Instructor is a certified teacher who will conduct Djembe classes for adolescents and adults teaching Traditional West African (Djembe) drumming in a structured and authentic manner.

What does Traditional West African Folk Music include and how is different?

To study the djembe is to study the culture of West-Africa. Every rhythm has a particular story a heritage and an ethnic group, to which it belongs. As one dives into the world of Mandingue percussion, one realizes how similar yet varied these cultures can be.

Who can apply?

Participants can apply for the Djembe Instructor Training if

You are above 18 years of age

You have successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) course

You have studied drumming or music for minimum 1 year or have a degree from a reputed institution

You can show music-related work-experience of minimum 1 year

You can show sufficient experience and interest in working with people (the wider the type of group range, the better).

Course Structure and Schedule

The duration of this program is an ongoing process that usually lasts for a year and the frequency is decided based on targets set with an initial interview with the candidate. Please fill the form to set up an interview with Varun.

General benefits of Drumming in groups

Your Teacher

Varun Venkit, is India’s only certified teacher of the Djembe who studies with the Grandmaster of the Djembe Mamady Keita. He represents the Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy in India.
Read more about Varun here.

How do I Apply?

Submit an updated CV demonstrating the pre-requisites of the said Certification.

Statement of Purpose of minimum 1000 words stating why you are the right candidate for this course.

A 4 to 5 minute video of you performing on a Djembe or any percussion instrument.

For any more info please email us at
or call us on (+91) 9158070303

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