Taal Inc Drum Circle Facilitation Course

The Taal Inc. Facilitator and Teacher Training program is a graded and intensive training course to learn how to use rhythm and music in a group setting in various forums namely educational, recreational, corporate training and for kids.

In Drum Circle Facilitation, you will learn how to use rhythm and music as a medium to bring about positive change in a group that you work with vis-a-vis particular pre-decided objectives.

On successful completion of the course, you will be a Certified Drum Circle Facilitator

What is a Drum Circle?

A drum circle is an activity where a group of people come together in a circle and, led by a facilitator, drum, sing and create music together using a wide range of percussion instruments.

In the words of the father of the modern day ‘Drum Circle’ movement, Arthur Hull: “Drum Circle participants express themselves collectively by using a chorus of tuned drums, percussion, and vocals to create a musical song together while having a great time.”

Who is a Drum Circle Facilitator?

A facilitator is someone who is a catalyst to the above mentioned process. Using group drumming as a medium, a facilitator helps bring about an outcome (such as learning, productivity, or communication) by providing indirect or unobtrusive assistance, guidance, or supervision.

Where can I use a Drum Circle?

A drum circle can be used in any situation where there are people bound with a common cause and there is an objective to be communicated. Group drumming has been used in corporate training settings, with special needs groups, kids, adolescents and even geriatric groups to communicate objectives such as teamwork, confidence, potential enhancement and stress-reduction to name a few.

Who can apply?

Participants can apply for the Drum Circle Facilitator Training if

You are above 18 years of age.

You work in the areas of corporate training, health and well-being, education and psychology.

You wish to enhance and expand on your existing oratory skills, body language, communication skills and working with groups.

You have a definite interest and inclination towards music.

You have completed a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) course.

You can show sufficient experience and interest in working with people (the wider the type of group range, the better).

Here is a sneak peek into the world of a Drum Circle Facilitator at Taal Inc.

Course Structure and Schedule

The course is a residential and intensive week-long program. To be eligible for this course you have to have attended one of our
Write to us to inquire about when our next Drum Circle Facilitation Course is slated.

General benefits of Drumming in groups

Your Teacher

Taal Inc. Facilitator and Teacher Training Program is a vision that your teacher, Varun Venkit, the Founder and Director of Taal Inc, envisaged as a means of spreading and creating a new wave of skilled facilitators able to use rhythm as a medium to bring about positive change.
Read more about Varun here.

How do I Apply ?

Submit an updated CV demonstrating the pre-requisites of the said Certification (Drum Circle 2)Facilitator /Djembe Instructor / Kids in Rhythm Facilitator)

Statement of Purpose of minimum 1000 words stating why you are the right candidate for this course.

For any more info please email us at
or call us on (+91) 9158070303

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