When you are a part of a team or work with a team, there is almost always pressure under which you are working. There are deadlines that are scarily close, resources to reach the target seem like they are not enough and yet success is only measured in performance, output and efficiency.

Now, to be fair, let’s try to put this team into a group activity that’s not their usual one. One, where they can connect with each other on a deeper level, where they can learn and express themselves easily. This takes away all preexisting ability-bias. This makes it easy for them to experience, identify and work on some of their impending issues and apply them at their workplace without too much effort.

This new team building activity (whether it is Drum Circle, Dance Movement Therapy, Creative Writing or Theatre Games), will help them bond together on a totally new forum and start working more cohesively. They’ll be much more intrinsically motivated and more empathetic about each other. These are two very crucial characteristics needed when dealing with a pressuring situation. How will all this magic happen you ask? Well to start off with, it is human nature to synchronise. Take the pendulum principle as evidence thereof. In fact, when ever we feel out of sync, there is conflict or dis-ease. Group drumming helps us identify and reconnect with our very innate and natural tendency of working in a team, collaborating, synchronising with our fellow team members. Secondly, this ‘fun’ activity helps us look at ourselves with less judgement and take ourselves less seriously. Hence, when you least expect it, you will have an epiphany, like the answer was with you all along.

Once you have that connection (with yourself, others, your team at your workplace as a result of a team building activity), it’s more natural to take seemingly “difficult” tasks in your stride

We work with organisations where we use specially designed art based interventions or activities to touch upon and elicit these desired behaviours.

A drum circle is the main activity where, as the name suggests, people sit in a circle and create rhythms together. We use theatre games, creative writing activities and through these art forms, we get into conversations or debriefs. Our pre-planned areas or objectives are explored in this process. For example a role play activity helps bring out a more genuine expression from a participant (about their lives, their problems, their work and so on) Something they might not have shared up until now. There is an open exchange of energy, of information, of trust, of vulnerability. This is what sparks deep rooted change.

Here it does not matter how good you are at drumming or dancing or acting or performing. It’s more. About using these art forms to help you communicate more authentically. It’s about being yourself. This journey of finding yourself, of finding your inner rhythm becomes very accessible and that too without consciously trying. As adults, we’ve used the cognitive pathway so much for learning that our brain literally has reduced neuroplasticity. This is the scientific reason why kids learn and unlearn much more easily than adults. Let’s take up an activity that gives our brain a good workout, shall we?

At work there are a lot of components.
There’s you (an individual)
There’s a team (your colleagues).
The above two are tied in with your usual daily work.
There’s your family circumstance that gets added to the mix and influences you
There’s also an overarching organisation that is measuring, watching and setting a context or expectations to your work.

Now we may or may not be able to change the above components so let’s keep all of them same and add a new and unique activity to tie in these components. Listen, watch and feel how the interaction quality of these components change (for the better).

While you are amidst nature, hiking, camping, taking part in an adventure sport, or yoga, it feels different, doesn’t it? You make way for realisations, don’t you? This is the Taal Inc. way to facilitate a team building activity (a process) for your whole team. It’s all about expression or as we’d say in psychology terminology, the unconscious or subconscious mind being revealed through a process involving the arts. And accessing this part of our selves influences the conscious part. This is the therapeutic value of rhythm and the arts.

We will connect with your team’s culture, beliefs and value system through creative mediums and help align those of the individuals to those of the team to those of the organisation on the whole.

These participative group activities organically bring out individual behaviour and as well as group influence on this behaviour. People are doing and experiencing as opposed to being told.

We believe that our team building program helps people

  • Reduce stress
  • Makes them more confident
  • Makes them more cohesive
  • And more self aware

Come, experience change with a Taal Inc. Exchange session.

Come. Drum. Be One.