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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I start a drum circle in Pune?

To start a drum circle in Pune, you first need to get trained as a Drum Circle Facilitator. Find out more about that by clicking .To organise a drum circle in Pune, call Taal Inc., and we will suggest how to go about it! To attend a drum circle in Pune, join our monthly Community Drum Circles happening on the 3rd Sunday of every month between 11am and 1pm at Monalisa Kalagram.

2. When learning drum lessons, what program or method would you recommend?

The most important when learning the drums or any musical instrument for that matter, is to find a good teacher or Guru. This is paramount in building trust, discipline and authenticity in a world, otherwise full of quick fixes.

3. How does the drumming workshop work?

Our workshops are 2 to 4 hour sessions where we introduce the student to the djembe. For a large audience we do this my getting people to take their first steps musically and as a team; together. For smaller and more focused groups, we get into musical nuance, discover our own inner rhythm and also the non musical or therapeutic benefits of group drumming.

4. How does an African drum circle work?

There is no traditional or particular thing such as an African drum circle. It is nothing but a drum circle; i.e people gather in a circle (or a closed formation) and play drums. Many African rhythms are used in such musical situations and hence the notion of drum circle started being attributed to Africa. So, ANY nation can (and does in fact) have a historical or culturally specific drumming tradition (case and point, Brazil, many cultures of India and the middle East).