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Here are some of the avenues where we can drum

Corporate Drum Circles

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Community Drum Circles

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College Drum Circles

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Drum Circles for Kids

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No matter the event, occasion or gathering, we at Taal Inc. can get you and your group drumming in a matter of minutes… Whether it is a corporate drum circle in Delhi , a drum circle in Mumbai, a wedding drum circle in Bangalore, an annual conference drum circle in Lonavala, a destination Mehandi-Sangeet in Mahabaleshwar, a collage festival drum circle, a private group gathering to celebrate with Taal, a kids drum circle to celebrate a special birthday, a corporate team building drumming workshop in Gurgaon, Taal Inc. is your one-stop shop for all things to do with drum circles or group drumming.

We’ll make sure that everyone in your audience is involved with a drum in hand regardless of age, ability of music or background. The drum knows not the hand that plays it. It only wants to bring people together in harmony, in synchrony and in rhythm as one. This way your event or gathering promises to be one of the most memorable ones yet. Since well begun is half done, get in touch with us for a Taal Inc. drum circle and experience the magic of rhythm & drum circles.

The Original Team Building Experience of Drum Circle Delhi

Team Taal Inc. has had the good fortune of travelling all over the country and drumming with a wide range of populations through the years. Having said this Taal Inc. loves drum circles in Delhi and the whole experience associated with it. So, Delhi drum circles will work for conference starters or finishers, team building off-site events, award ceremonies, town halls, HR meet-ups. In a nutshell, if you have a group of people gathering, we can introduce them to rhythm and bring them together using a drum circle. 

Experience our Drum Circle in Bangalore

Being the entrepreneurs and IT hub of the country, drum circles in Bangalore is one of our favourite cities to visit. This is also because team Taal Inc. understands the vibe, the fast pace, the stressors and most importantly, the coping strategies needed to keep up with the expectations that are set. Team building drum circles in Bangalore will help come together, relieve stress and connect with one another using a new medium- the drum! Participants will realise new potential in themselves, each other and start being more present at the workplace. Get in touch with us to know more about our one-off or ongoing session offerings.

Drum Circle Pune – The birthplace of Drum Circles

Back in the day, Indian drum circles were merely a drum-on-the-beach-in-Goa kind of (passing) phenomenon. 2006 is when it all started for team Taal Inc. and that’s how Pune drum circles or drum circle Pune were born. Our founder Varun Venkit started many waves of community drum circles in the city as the djembe and other hand drums started becoming more and more popular in the arts based community building scene. Pune being a melting pot of IT companies, students and social groups helped us spread the benefits of drum circles among all kinds of groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I start a drum circle in Pune?

To start a drum circle in Pune, you first need to get trained as a Drum Circle Facilitator. Find out more about that by clicking .To organise a drum circle in Pune, call Taal Inc., and we will suggest how to go about it! To attend a drum circle in Pune, join our monthly Community Drum Circles happening on the 3rd Sunday of every month between 11am and 1pm at Monalisa Kalagram.

2. When learning drum lessons, what program or method would you recommend?

The most important when learning the drums or any musical instrument for that matter, is to find a good teacher or Guru. This is paramount in building trust, discipline and authenticity in a world, otherwise full of quick fixes.

3. How does the drumming workshop work?

Our workshops are 2 to 4 hour sessions where we introduce the student to the djembe. For a large audience we do this my getting people to take their first steps musically and as a team; together. For smaller and more focused groups, we get into musical nuance, discover our own inner rhythm and also the non musical or therapeutic benefits of group drumming.

4. How does an African drum circle work?

There is no traditional or particular thing such as an African drum circle. It is nothing but a drum circle; i.e people gather in a circle (or a closed formation) and play drums. Many African rhythms are used in such musical situations and hence the notion of drum circle started being attributed to Africa. So, ANY nation can (and does in fact) have a historical or culturally specific drumming tradition (case and point, Brazil, many cultures of India and the middle East).

5. How to facilitate or organise a drum circle in delhi ?

The first step would be to learn how to lead groups using rhythm and become a drum circle facilitator. Taal Inc. organises an intensive and annual course titled 'Find Your Inner Rhythm' for this purpose. Alternatively you can get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to be able to lead your drum circle; be it a drum circle in Delhi or a drum circle in Bangalore… North, South, East or West, Taal Inc. has you covered.

6. What is a drum circle event ?

A drum circle event is a situation where people come together to drum as one. This may also be an occasion where the people have already gathered and the drum circle event is used to enhance the feeling of oneness, harmony, unity and synchrony. A trained facilitator is the person who leads this experience, breaks the technique down into bite size portions and helps deliver the overarching goal of the session be it fun, recreation, stress busting, team building or even healing. Be it a drum circle in Delhi or a drum circle Bangalore, Taal Inc. has got your back.

7. How often do Taal Inc. Community Pune drum circles happen?

The Taal Inc. Community Drum Circle in Pune takes place on the 4th Sunday of every month. Do check out social media pages for regular updates on the same. These drum circles Pune are open to all, instruments are provided and we follow the gift economy principle.

8. Can I learn how to lead and facilitate drum circles in Pune?

Yes. Taal Inc. conducts an annual course titled 'Find Your Inner Rhythm: Intensive Course' where our founder Varun Venkit teaches the students how to lead groups using rhythm and become Pune drum circle facilitators. To know more, follow us on social media @ taalinc.