Drum, Sing, Move… Be a Kid in Rhythm | Life Skills Through Rhythm and the Arts

Kids In Rhythm Sessions

Taal Inc.’s Kids In Rhythm sessions, designed by Varun Venkit, are meant to build awareness of the importance of rhythm and arts based interventions in a child’s life keeping in mind the developmental needs and learning capacity of children between ages 3 and 8

What Is Kids In Rhythm?

Benefits of Using Rhythm, Music, Song and Art as a Learning Tool with Kids

The Taal Inc. Kids in Rhythm sessions demonstrate the importance of rhythm and arts-based interventions in one’s life, especially in a child’s formative years. Apart from obviously building a strong musical foundation, drumming, creative movement and vocal exploration has also been shown to provide a child with a healthy channel of expression, hence promoting all-round growth and development in terms of higher confidence, self-assurance, expression, tolerance and intelligence… all this, through an activity that is novel and fun.

The inspiring new world of rhythm is bound to take your child by storm and the loving and exciting atmosphere created by our facilitators is guaranteed to leave them asking for more!

Come, and let your child be a part of the exciting new wave of holistically intelligent children.

General Objectives

General Objectives

  • To develop an understanding of pulse, tempo and rhythm as a general concept.
  • To experience recreational group drumming and the benefits thereof.
  • Embodying rhythms; feeling rhythms as opposed to counting them.

  • Understanding basic body percussion concepts and the connection of movement and rhythm.

  • To build an understanding of djembe and West African culture: rhythms, role in society and its application or connection to India.
  • To develop an awareness of folk instruments of Indian culture.

Age Specific Objectives

Age Specific Objectives

  • Ages 3 to 5 Years
    Child Development Through Fun and Exploration

  • Ages 6 to 8 Years
    Enhancing Musical Ability and Sociability Through Exposure to the Djembe and Other Instruments (and Art Forms)
  • Ages 9 and Above
    Developing Technical and Artistic Excellence Through Disciplined Practice


Here’s What All We Can Do With Taal Inc.

In Your School / Organisation / Institution / Activity Centre / College

Kids In Rhythm Birthday Sessions

A new, fun, truly interactive and rhythmic way to engage all the little drummers at your child’s birthday party! Packed with rhythm, song, joyful-chaos, and cheer, this is the unique birthday party activity you were looking for that would involve each and every child on this joyous occasion.

Kids In Rhythm Summer Camps

This is a great way to introduce your kids to the world of rhythm, music & movement through a short burst during their summer vacations! We customize these sessions according to the need and time available.

Kids In Rhythm After School / Co-Curricular Programs

With the increasing emphasis on the holistic approach to education, Taal Inc. will build a Kids In Rhythm (or rhythm/music) syllabus for your institution to suit your needs.

Jr. Djembe

A djembe, percussion or drumming module for children between ages 9 to 12 years at recreational centers, schools, and institutions.


Two to six hour (day-long) workshops (introduction to art, percussion or specially organized Kids In Rhythm workshops) to get your children hooked to taking up a musical instrument or a particular art form.

Upcoming Course Details

Venue: Flat No. E-3, Sr. No. 287/2,
Ground Floor, Baner Road,
Behind Bata Showroom,
Baner Gaon,
Pune, Maharashtra 411 045
Timings: Every Saturday 4.00PM to 6.00PM

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