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Is Your Team Healthy?
An Interactive/Ongoing 90-Minute Corporate Program Focused on Physical, Mental and Social Health Awareness of Your Team

Entertainment & Learning with Taal Inc. Corporate Drum Circles
Ongoing Corporate Training Sessions with Taal Inc.

What is Arts for Health & Wellbeing?

The definition of good ‘Health’ according to the World Health Organisation is, ‘A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.’ Taal Inc.’s main focus is using the power of arts for better holistic health and wellbeing.

The Art(s) of Well Being

Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual, Physical and Social are the five pillars of overall well being and focusing on all these aspects can help achieve holistic well being of the team and create a harmonious and productive work culture in the organisations. The team building activities in our programmes help companies establish just that. The motivational activities for employees at Taal Inc. sessions are fun, stress busting, creates bonding and has many health benefits, making them the best team engagement activities to promote overall well being of employees and organisations alike.

Taal Inc: Ongoing Art Based Interventions for Corporates, Companies and Organisations

We Use the Following Modalities on an Ongoing Basis to Positively Influence the Health Quotient of Your Team

This Interactive Program Works on Identifying and Developing Individual Health in Three Domains


Physical Health


Mental Health


Social Health

Participant Benefits

Create Awareness of Individual Health Through Music, Art, Movement, Yoga, and Sports

Awareness of a Personal Health Index Replete with Individual Strengths and Areas of Improvement

Understanding How One’s Physical, Mental and Social Health Affects One’s Well-Being

Identification of Individual Stress Levels and Related Coping Mechanisms



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What corporate team engagement activities do you run?

We specialise in a myriad of activities to offer for Corporate Team Engagement, Namely Covid Compliant Drum Circles, Drum Interaction Sessions, Short and Long Term Behavioural Interventions, Corporate Drum Circles, Training and Development programmes using Arts and Music as the primary tool.

2. Why motivational activities for employees?

The monotony at workplaces topped with stress and deadlines can become a demotivating factor for employees and they can feel underappreciated at times. Having our motivational activities at workplaces helps boost their morale, helps them bond with their team and be more productive.

3. What are the benefits of engagement activities in the office?

The Team Engagement Activities that we offer helps in lifting the spirits of the team members, builds deeper connection and communication, helps break ice within a new team, improves interpersonal skills and builds a sense of ownership in each member of the team.

4. How do we choose the right event for the team?

You can get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs, understand the theme of the event and accordingly suggest or customise from a variety of Team Building Events for Work that we have to offer.

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