Taal Inc. Traditional West African Dance Classes

Afrodance in Pune, India!

Traditional African Dance Classes that go with the Rhythms of the Djembe

West African Dance with Taal Inc.

What is #AfroDance?

For the first time in India, Taal Inc. brings to you, African dance classes. Come learn this new, earthy, powerful yet graceful dance form. Join our weekly #AfroDance classes supported by live djembe drumming. And no, this is not Zumba. This is similar and much more…

African Dance Classes

West – African dance is known to be the mother of all dance forms. Just like each West-African rhythm has a story, belongs to a certain ethnic group and is played for a particular reason in society; the movements compliment these stories. So, to learn West African dance is to learn west-African culture. Traditionally the drums and dancing go hand in hand and would be incomplete without each other. The drumming will add energy and adrenalin that is needed to perform this strong yet supremely elegant dance. This class will cover basic movements, choreographies based on rhythms and their stories accompanied by live drumming.

Classes will be led by Akshata Parekh and team. Akshata has been studying West African dance from various teachers from all over the globe since 2015.


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