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What is a Drum Circle?

A drum circle is an activity where a group of people come together in a circle and, led by a facilitator, drum, sing and create music together using a wide range of percussion instruments.

Corporate Team Building Activities in Pune with Drumming

Learn about Taal Inc. drum team building and experience the effective nature of our corporate training events using group drumming or team drum circles. This helps make team building more experiential and engaging. Say goodbye to one-way lectures and usher in drumming team building; a new and unique medium that is fun but also ensures a strong and longer lasting takeaway of the message by participants after the session. For corporates we offer one-off sessions, team building drum circles to break the ice at workshops, kick-off and wrap up corporate conferences, off-site team bonding events, half day or day long and long term corporate training programs.

Corporate Drumming & Team Building

Taking up a unique activity (like a Taal Inc. corporate Drumming or team building session) as a group, is the best Team building activity in Pune, that you can take up. If you are an individual, then you can join our drumming workshops or weekly classes and if you are a group, we can come straight to you for a bespoke and custom made corporate drumming workshop to address your corporate training needs

Team building is important no matter where you are located; so whether it is a drum circle in Goa, a drum circle in Bangalore, the drum circle in Ahmedabad, a drum circle in Delhi, a drum circle in Mumbai orna drum circle in Hyderabad, a Taal Inc. corporate drumming or team building session will bring all of your employees together on the same page. Your search for a fun, interactive and engaging session for your team ends here.

The Beats of Change and Transformation

A Taal Inc. Drum Circle is one of the best corporate engagement activities you can organise with your team. It is interactive, fun and highly engaging. We at Taal Inc. specialise in customizing each of these Drum Circles to fit right in with the theme of your event or training programmes. This fun employee engagement activity is high on content and keeps the participants glued through a creative and stress busting process of collaborative rhythm making.

Group Activities For Employees

The think tank at Taal Inc. Research and Training are constantly looking for new and innovative art-based activities for team building. Here’s where you will get to read about a lot of innovative Group Activities for Employees, companies and organisations of all sizes. We’ve got drum circles in Delhi, Goa for your team, ongoing (weekly) music/percussion classes (followed by a group discussion) for your team to facilitate creativity, innovation and stress reduction. Imagine a group activity for your employees that motivates them, keeps them engaged and rearing to roll with the changes that are part and parcel of being in the corporate race. Imagine a team that strikes a good work-life balance and truly connects with one another (at and outside work).

This is our goal. We look forward to a time where recreational and collective art-making sessions are a part of one’s daily work agenda. We look forward to a time that creativity is kindled through rhythm, music, visual art, creative movement, creative writing, drama & poetry and more. When this creativity is teamed-up with the sensitivity and awareness of our art-based sessions and applied in our work lives, that’s when the magic will unravel.

At a time where employees work out of the comfort of their own homes and your team may be spread out all over he city of country, it is important to have ongoing Group Activities for Employees of your team. On our menu, we have Rhythm based activities, Creative Writing workshops, Creative Dance Movement sessions and more.

Team Building Activities in Pune

Let Taal Inc. introduce your office to a unique, exciting, and rhythm-based way of motivating and recharging your team. At Taal Inc., we offer corporate drumming sessions, team building activities that are bound to break the ice between your staff and teach them how to work together using the medium of music, art, and drums.

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Taal Inc’s core strength is positively influencing measurable change in human potential and human resources. Based on extensive academic research by our team of published researchers and psychologists, we have designed a range of services to enhance workplace efficiency. We believe that, in this regard, one size does not fit all and so we custom design the session based on inputs from you.




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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will drumming help my group for Team Building?

Drumming is a great way for a group to (re)build connections with each other using a new and unique metaphor. This helps to get rid of workplace monotony and infuse the team with a renewed sense of motivation.

2. How long lasting are the effects of a drum circle?

The first group drumming session(team building pune) creates the most euphoria and high energy. This helps us ask many reflective and introspective questions regarding the self, our connection with others and the organisation as a whole. However, the longer we drum (over a period of time), the more nuanced and long-lasting will be the results or takeaways.

3. I’ve done drumming once with my team, now it’s time for a new activity. What do I do?

This reasoning is valid if the purpose of the activity is merely to superficially engage the team which will only scratch the tip of the iceberg after one drum circle(team building activities in pune). The true therapy or deep rooted learning effect only takes place by engaging in this activity on a long term basis. This will help create a culture of emotional expression (and hence, awareness), sharing and mutual respect in the team (which is obviously a long term process).

4. Do you conduct these sessions in Pune and Maharashtra?

At Taal Inc. We truly believe that distance should never be a factor for us to spread the joy of drumming and hence, we have and do travel across the country for the sessions. Be it a Drum Circle in Ahmedabad in the west to a Drum Circle up north, we've been everywhere.

5. How does Corporate Drumming improve mental health of the employees?

Group drumming in general is proven to significantly reduce mental health issues like stress and anxiety and if practiced in a corporate setup, Corporate Drumming can help the employees connect deeper with their peers and let go of their work stress and help them find a healthy work-life balance.

6. Is there any organisation conducting Drum Circle for big events and gatherings?

Taal Inc. is a Pune based organisations conducting Drum Circles with a pan India presence, having done many Drum Circles in Delhi, they make sure to provide a memorable experience no matter how big the crowd or the event is as they’re one of the only few companies in the country to have that kind of a logistical and facilitation expertise.

7. What are some unique yet meaningful Team Building Activities in Pune to organise for corporate engagement?

A Taal Inc. Drum Circle will fit right in to any corporate training needs an organisation might have, their Team Building Activities In Pune are highly customisable and interactive which fills the employees with joy and addresses corporate training oriented objectives at the same time.

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