The In-House Taal Inc. Bands!

The Taal Inc. Rhythm Ensemble

India’s only Traditional West African Percussion Ensemble

Taal Inc.Rhythm Ensemble

The Rhythm Ensemble is a band that performs traditional West African Folk Music under the guidance of Varun Venkit, India’s only internationally certified senior professor of the djembe by Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy, an international academy of the djembe set up by grandmaster Djembefola Mamady Keita. He is India’s connection to West Africa, spreading the mission of the djembe in his motherland.

Pulsating, earthy, primal rhythms, catchy vocal hooks and power-packed performances is what you can expect from our group of drummers and singers. The Taal Inc. Rhythm Ensemble is the perfect shot of music, energy and vibrancy for your party, conference or college festival. Give us a crowd and we’ll make them move to the groove in a matter of minutes.

The Taal Inc. Rhythm Ensemble playing the rhythm ‘Kuku’

The Taal Inc. Rhythm Ensemble Live @ Dumru festival 2012

The Taal Inc. Junk Percussion Ensemble

Our band that makes music out of JUNK!

Junk Percussion Ensemble

The one thing that connects it all is sound and the one thing that connects us humans, is rhythm

Our percussionists believe in the universality of rhythm, which is to say that music can be created anywhere, from anything. They will uncover sounds lying beneath every conceivable object and use it to create a beat.

The Taal Inc. Junk Percussion ensemble is a great way to entertain your audience and also spread awareness about recycling, the importance of environment, conservation and sustainability.

Buckle up as the Taal Inc. Junk Percussion Ensemble reveals breathtaking rhythms lying within so-called “ordinary” objects – rhythms that will have you tapping your feet in a matter of moments! You will be surprised as the ensemble takes you on a rhythmic journey across the North, South, East and west of India by playing on nothing but ‘junk’.

A power-packed performance by our team of musicians is all you need to turn your evening into a marvelous musical memory. Come, discover music that hides in everything, music sure to make you groove.