India’s Only School for West African (Djembe) Drumming and Specialized Rhythm Programs for all Ages

Through the school of Rhythm, we at Taal Inc., spread educative awareness of the djembe, rhythm as a concept, art-based interventions and it’s a positive influence on people from all walks of life.

To experience this first hand, we’ve come up with the following ways you can let rhythm into your daily lives

West African Djembe Classes

India’s Only School for Traditional West African (Djembe) Drumming

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West African Dance Classes

Come learn this new, earthy, powerful yet graceful dance form. Join our weekly #AfroDance classes supported by live djembe drumming. #NotZumba

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Kids In Rhythm

Taal Inc.’s Kids In Rhythm sessions, designed by Varun Venkit, are meant to build awareness of the importance of rhythm and arts-based interventions in a child’s life keeping in mind the developmental needs and learning capacity of children between ages 3 and 8.

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Find Your Inner Rhythm Workshops

Taal Inc.’s ‘Find Your Inner Rhythm’ is suitable for those who wish to take a deep dive into the therapeutic and healing potential of the drum and various other expressive art forms.

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Drum Circle Facilitation Course

The Find Your Inner Rhythm: Intensive Course is a certified program designed to teach you how to use rhythm with all kinds of groups to facilitate positive change.

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Jr. Djembe

A djembe module for children between ages 9 to 12 years at recreational centres, schools and institutions.

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Kids In Rhythm Birthdays

A new, fun, truly interactive and rhythmic way to engage all the little drummers at your child’s birthday party!

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Classes with Varun Venkit

1-on-1 classes for intermediate to advanced level drum kit students & djembe workshops taught by Varun Venkit.

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