Varun Venkit started his musical journey at a very young age and soon started playing with bands of various genres. The one constant throughout his work in developing and spreading awareness of group drumming in recreational, therapeutic and training settings, was his love for drumming, percussion and performing on stage. He has performed nationally and internationally with some of the finest musicians and has also worked as a sessions musician who has recorded rhythm and percussion for many compositions across a myriad musical setting.

Here are two of Varun’s latest musical projects. Get in touch with us to book the ensemble for your event.

Taal Inc. & Friends

The Musical Brainchild of Varun Venkit and Taal Inc.’s SUPER band!

Taal Inc. Rhythm Ensemble | Junk Percussion Ensemble


Varun Venkit | Four On The Floor

Varun’s latest musical launch in collaboration with Greg Ellis (L.A) and musicians from around the globe