Rhythmic Weddings: An unforgettable ‘Sangeet’ with Interactive Drumming

What is a Drum Circle?

A drum circle is an activity where a group of people come together in a circle and, led by a facilitator, drum, sing and create music together using a wide range of percussion instruments.

Drumming at your Wedding? Really?

YES! Indian weddings are a union of not only two individuals but two families and what better way to celebrate this coming together than with a fun and interactive drum circle? Come, celebrate with the djembe, an instrument that comes from the Bambara saying ‘Anke Dje anke Be’, that literally translates to ‘we gather together to drum for peace’.

Make your wedding celebrations truly unique by treating your guests to an unforgettable Taal Inc. drum circle. An experience designed especially for your wedding, this exciting, high-energy activity is guaranteed to add that special something to your big day. Good vibes and unadulterated fun will be our promise to you and a chance for all your special people together to play the very West African instrument that symbolizes JOY itself, can only add to the auspiciousness of the occasion.
Bring your family and friends together in rhythmic unison as you join your significant other in matrimony.

Want to have a SPECIAL musical performance with the best musicians in the country, curated by Varun Venkit for your BIG day? We can make this happen!