Jr. Drum Circles for the Young & the Young-at-Heart!

What is a Drum Circle?

A drum circle is an activity where a group of people come together in a circle and, led by a facilitator, drum, sing and create music together using a wide range of percussion instruments.

Be it a birthday, a summer camp or another special occasion for your little ones… When it comes to showing your kids a good time, nothing but the best will do. Celebrate with a high-energy, interactive Taal Inc. junior drum circle. Our sessions are tailor-made to guarantee absolute and unadulterated fun for every boy and girl present.
Drumming and singing have also been proven to promote healthy and freer expression, hence contributing to more holistic development for children in terms of higher confidence, tolerance, and intelligence in the long run.
Bring your kids and all their friends together and let them drum their way to complete joy and harmony. Partake in this interactive event like no other, that will leave your kids’ hands tingling and hearts buzzing with rhythm and an unmatched a sense of togetherness.

Apart from one-off sessions, here’s what all we can do with Taal Inc. for Kids 

In Your School / Organisation / Institution / Activity Centre / College

Kids In Rhythm Birthday Sessions

A new, fun, truly interactive and rhythmic way to engage all the little drummers at your child’s birthday party! Packed with rhythm, song, joyful-chaos, and cheer, this is the unique birthday party activity you were looking for that would involve each and every child on this joyous occasion.

Kids In Rhythm Summer Camps

This is a great way to introduce your kids to the world of rhythm, music & movement through a short burst during their summer vacations! We customize these sessions according to the need and time available.

Kids In Rhythm After School / Co-Curricular Programs

With the increasing emphasis on the holistic approach to education, Taal Inc. will build a Kids In Rhythm (or rhythm/music) syllabus for your institution to suit your needs.

Jr. Djembe

A djembe, percussion or drumming module for children between ages 9 to 12 years at recreational centers, schools, and institutions.


Two to six hour (day-long) workshops (introduction to art, percussion or specially organized Kids In Rhythm workshops) to get your children hooked to taking up a musical instrument or a particular art form.