A Customised Corporate Behavioural Intervention
using Rhythm, the Arts and Sports
(or Outdoor Activities)

What is Drum Talks?

One size does not fit all and we at Taal Inc. understand that. Drum Talks is a corporate training module that is designed to suit the needs of your team and your company. This, in turn, helps you and your team move closer to fulfilling your vision and mission. Our team of facilitators, experts, researchers, and psychologists will bring out the true potential of your team members by the 4-step method

Coming Together; By Rhythm, In Rhythm, For Rhythm.

Frequent and regular Behavioral Interventions through HR employee engagement activities have a great and positive impact on the team. Helping them introspect, evaluate, recharge and rejuvenate. We at Taal Inc. help organisations take these interventions out of the conference rooms and help organise the training sessions through employee engagement activities in companies. These customisable HR engagement activities can be tailor made to address the training objective in the most effective and fun way possible.

Drum Talks Process

Step 1 : Awareness

Through a series of interviews you, as an organization become aware of the art forms used in the Drum Talks program and their benefits; while we understand the culture of your institution for assessment

Step 2 : Assessment

We conduct a thorough needs analysis by triangulating the needs of the Team, the Company, and the Individuals.

Step 3 : Action

Our team of expert psychologists designs a training module customized to address these needs. This process includes the use of various art modalities to deliver an experiential platform promoting awareness, realization, interaction and the exchange of ideas.

Step 4 : Application

The observations during the training module are analyzed, collated and applied using metaphors to promote the first-hand experience in the conclusion of the module.

NOTE: In the next stage we conduct an in-depth follow-up or feedback session to understand the effects of the module and make recommendations that may be required to enhance the effect of the module.

We Work in Areas Such As

Exchange | Arts Based Corporate Training Program

We Learn Through Action

Rhythm and Drumming

Theatre Improve

Creative Movement

Yoga and Suryanamaskar

Drills and Skills: Sports

Drills and Skills: Outdoor Activities

The Taal Inc. Signature

Taal Inc’s core strength is positively influencing measurable change in human potential and human resources. Based on extensive academic research by our team of published researchers and psychologists we have designed a range of services to enhance workplace efficiency.
We study interventions such as music, rhythm, movement, fine arts, yoga, and physical exercises and analyze – even measure where possible – their positive effects on certain behavioral parameters. Our goal is to better understand how the arts can be used to improve our health and well-being and to apply this at the workplace.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are HR employee engagement activities?

An HR Employee Engagement Activity is any group exercise or activity to reduce stress within the team, give them space to let their hair down, Create deeper and more meaningful connections between team members and help them increase productivity using creative and innovative mediums.

2. Why do we do HR activities for employees?

HR Engagement Activities are important for a myriad of reasons like giving employees a much needed break from work every once in a while, keep their mental health in check to create an ecosystem where positivity and joyfulness are core values and to keep the employees motivated and productive.

3. What are some hr engagement activities ideas?

Some of the proven effective and beneficial ideas for HR engagement activities are Collaborative Music Making, Drum Circles, Art and Music based training interventions and Regular Music Classes at the workplace. All of which falls under our area of expertise.

4. How do you conduct employee engagement activities?

All our Employee Engagement Activities are designed to engage each and every member of the team and our focus is always on creating cohesive learning and engaging spaces where our expert facilitators lead the group through a process of learning and transformation while also keeping the fun element in check.

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