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Janak Vadgama


Life to him is a pursuit of excellence. A hotel management graduate that got to live life one stage at a time, savoring a plethora of experiences. In the past eight years, he has lived in seven different cities on 2 different continents and excelled in six different vocations in the service industry, right from business development in a multi-national media house to working with waste collectors for an NGO. Today he can proudly say that he has found his calling at TAAL INC. ”When you love what you do so much, the barriers obscuring the concepts of profession, emotion, commitment and love fade away leaving behind only joy, gratitude and satisfaction.”

Akshata Parekh

Drum Circle Facilitator / Kids In Rhythm Facilitator / West African Dance Teacher

Akshata Parekh is a drum circle facilitator at TAAL INC and has successfully completed The Facilitator Training Program with TAAL INC and an intensive training with Arthur Hull (Village Music Circles, USA). She is a highly enthusiastic & energetic member of the team. With every session, she brings with her – smiles, energy and unconditionality. With a love for dance and a never ending thirst to learn new things, Akshata has completed her graduation in Mass Communication and a course in counselling and psychology. In addition to being a wonderful Bharatnatyam and folk dancer, she has also learnt contemporary dance, belly dancing and west African forms of dance. Having developed an interest in Dance Movement therapy and alternative healing, she went on to explore Visual Art therapy, Drum Therapy & Facilitation and is also a Reiki Healer.

Anshu Kering

Drum Circle Facilitator / Kids In Rhythm Facilitator / West African Dance Teacher

Anshu; a graduate of the Facilitator Training Program with TAAL INC, now works with us as a Kids In Rhythm and a Drum Circle Facilitator. She is a clinical psychologist who is passionate about music and dancing. She is also a graphologist, and is currently being trained as a special educator. Her passion for music, dancing and skills developed through her training in Kids in Rhythm help create a great learning experience for kids. In addition to this she loves to work with corporates, adolescents and the well elderly.

Neha Oswal

Drum Circle Facilitator / Kids In Rhythm Facilitator / West African Dance Teacher

Neha Oswal, our bubbly and high-energy drum circle facilitator has done her bachelor’s degree in multimedia. She holds a MBA in event management and a diploma in psychology & counseling. By night she is a choreographer, a TAAL INC Drum circle Facilitator and Kids In Rhythm Facilitator. Having completed courses in NLP, Visual art and Dance & Movement therapy she is an asset to our Team. Her aim is to use rhythm to facilitate positive change with women’s groups.

Aman Joshi

Drum Circle Facilitator

Aman Joshi is a graduate from the Swaraj Open University, a self-driven seeker, film-maker and traveler. He successfully completed the TAAL INC Facilitator and Teacher Program and is a Drum Circle Facilitator with the team. He is a very present and ‘in the moment’ facilitator who uses his creative-writing and cinema influences in his drum circles to bring out the best with groups he works with. Aman is as comfortable working with corporate groups as he is with alternative communities and spiritual groups; all of which lay in his area of interest.

Buneshte Hakhamaneshy

Drum Circle Facilitator / Kids In Rhythm Facilitator / Djembe Teacher

Buneshte, based out of Mumbai, has a master’s degree in Social Psychology. She is a student of the Djembe under the guidance of Varun. In addition to being a Kids In Rhythm Facilitator, she is also a Drum Circle Facilitator and Beginner Djembe Teacher who was trained as a result of the Drum Circle Facilitator Training Program at TAAL INC. She loves working with a variety of groups. She has a warm personality, a strong sense of rhythm and loves to work with kids and anything to do with drumming. Her aim is to use the power of rhythm and the arts for special needs and marginalized groups to bring about social change. Her creativity and charm makes participants comfortable in the sessions and open up with ease and joy.

Hari Choudhary

Drum Circle Facilitator

Hari hails from Jaipur and is a Drum Circle Facilitator with TAAL INC. His first group drumming experience made him realize that rhythm is an organic and fun tool to connect with the self and others. On successful completion of the TAAL INC Facilitator Training Program, he realized his interest in the healing and therapeutic effects of drumming, music and sound. Apart from being a music enthusiast, Hari is a trained yoga teacher and loves exploring somatic, organic body movements. With a keen interest in sustainability and the environment, he draws his inspiration from nature.

Sheetal Jain

Drum Circle Facilitator

Sheetal is a Drum Circle Facilitator at TAAL INC . She is also a member of Kranti, an organisation that works in Mumbai’s red light district. In spite of coming from a difficult background she moved from one NGO to the other and finally found her calling at Kranti in 2012. In 2014, she went to Washington DC , USA to study Drumkit at the Levine School of music for 10 months. Thereafter, she successfully completed the TAAL INC. Facilitator and Teacher Training Program along with an internship during which she worked with special schools, NGOs & rehabilitation centres spreading awareness about following one’s heart against all odds and the importance of education through the medium of group drumming.

Aditya Gopalakrishnan

TTM certified Djembe Instructor

Aditya is a beginner djembe teacher with us and is the youngest member of Team TAAL INC . He is a musician who sings, plays the guitar, programs and also composes music. He is a student of the Djembe with Varun Venkit. He has a strong capacity to learn which is what has led him to being the youngest TTM Certified Beginner Djembe Instructors in India. He currently is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in sound engineering at Seamedu, Pune.

Dhir Mody

Djembe Teacher / Member of the Taal Inc. Rhythm Ensemble

This shy yet brilliant sessions drummer plays djembe for the Taal Inc. Rhythm Ensemble and drums & percussion for bands like the Ajala Dhwani Project, Roshni Baptist Ensemble and Empty Cafe. He has been studying the djembe with Varun since the past 2 years and is now a beginner djembe instructor with TAAL INC .’s traditional West-African djembe classes. Dhir has had the opportunity to play with musicians such as Rushad Mistry (Indus Creed), Koco and Mohan (Agnee) to name a few. Currently, he is a drumkit graduate from the True School of Music, Mumbai.

Pooja Karkera

Kids In Rhythm Facilitator

A dancer by training, Pooja Karkera is a certified International Meta Mind Management Trainer, motivational speaker, working with student and corporate groups. She is also an Art-based Therapist with a specialization of Dance Movement Therapy and a Kids In Rhythm Facilitator with TAAL INC. She described herself as a spiritual seeker, dance mystic, social worker and artist who has merged dance and behavioral training for creative transformation. As a ‘Kids in Rhythm’ Facilitator she works with children to help them learn life skills through the art of drumming.

Pooja Nahar

Kids In Rhythm Facilitator

Pooja nahar is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Fergusson College. In addition to this she is a graphologist, a counselor certified in REBT and CBT from the Heart to Heart Counseling Centre, in Mumbai. She aspires to become a child psychologist. Her love for rhythm, the djembe and kids drew her take part in and successfully complete the TAAL INC Kids in Rhythm Facilitator Training Program . She currently works as a Kids In Rhythm Facilitator and proves that you don’t need to have a background in music to be able to facilitate rhythmic experiences for groups.

Roger Peter

Djembe Teacher

Roger is a trained IT professional who worked in the corporate sector for over 5 years and decided to follow his heart and pursue the djembe under the guidance of Varun Venkit. Today he is a beginner djembe instructor with TAAL INC . His journey with the djembe started about two years ago and he hasn’t look back since. He has a good eye for detail and has a thorough style of teaching and facilitating. He is also a core member of the Taal Inc. Students’ Ensemble.

Agneya Chikte

Drum Circle Facilitator / Djembe Teacher / Member of the Taal Inc. Rhythm Ensemble

Agneya, who is currently based in Toronto, studying the drum kit was a member of the Taal Inc. Team of Facilitators for over 3 years. He studied the djembe with his mentor Varun Venkit and has been playing the drum kit and djembe for the TAAL INC. Rhythm Ensemble since its inception. He has also completed the intensive facilitator training with Arthur Hull (VIllage Music Circles, USA). He has worked with a wide range of populations and continues to explore the far-reaching benefits of group-drumming for himself and those around him. He is graduated with honours from the True School of Music, Mumbai with the drum kit as his instrument.
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