Taal Inc Corporate Drum Circles for all Occasions

2020 has been a year of transitions. To begin with, we transitioned into a new year with hopes, dreams and new plans but soon we realised that we’re going to make another huge transition as the pandemic hit followed by the lockdown. The transition which cost us our freedom to go out, meet friends, travel or even work the way we used to. It was a scary, anxious time but we slowly transitioned into accepting it and learnt many new things and got closer to our families. We transitioned into adapting a new way of life, a new way of work and new way of learning. Talking about new ways, the world has utilised the potential of online learning mediums and platforms for the first time to it’s true limits. From work to meetings, Employee Engagement Activities to Team Building Events for Work, workshops to schools, everything moved online and so did we.  All our Djembe classes went online and we enjoyed that transition as well.

But it’s not just us who enjoyed going online but a lot of our participants had a jolly good time taking our Djembe Drum Lessons from the comfort of their homes. Here’s what some of them have to say:

“It was indeed a breath of fresh air to have online classes and a  Drum Workshop during a pandemic – it was a great stress reliever – would like to thank Varun and team wholeheartedly for making this happen.

Online can never be a great substitute for physical interactive class , however teacher Aditya did adapt to make the best use of technology as well make each one get the play time and provide necessary corrections.

Kudos to Taal Inc for enabling this ! “

-Vimala & Neel

Another one went on to express some more love:

“Sunday online djembe class was the one activity which kept me motivated during the whole lockdown !!!! this one hour was all about drumming..there was no pandemic fear, no stress about uncertainty!!! Let’s continue with online djembe class.”

– Kshipra Potdar

The Lockdown was certainly a stressful time and having  fun stress buster activities acted as a blessing for many, here’s what one of them has to say:

“The online sessions of the intermediate batch were a great stress buster in the times of lockdown. After a few experiments with available virtual meeting platforms we finally settled on the zoom platform. Despite our earlier apprehension about how well these would go they actually turned out to be extremely productive and fun!”

Aditya Deshpande

Now since we’re looking forward to leaving this pandemic behind us, extract our learnings from 2020 and express our gratitude for what it has given us, we at Taal Inc. are  ready to make another transition. We are all prepared and equipped to give you Taal Inc. sessions in a much more fun, engaging and interactive way, all in a Covid-Compliant manner of course. Be it Team Engagement Activities or Motivational Activities for Employees, Drum Workshops or Djembe Lessons, we’re all set to give you experiences of your lifetimes, Are You?

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator