Taal Inc. Support Indie Music Campaign plus Contest

Taal Inc. Support Indie Music: Campaign & Crowdfunding Announcement

Welcome to the Taal Inc. #SupportIndieMusic Campaign + Contest 2022

I rediscovered my love for cycling, or to be more precise, ultra endurance cycling over a year ago and have been enjoying the process thoroughly. Personally, it has brought me a lot of inspiration which I’m very excited to pour into my music.

Come November 26th 2022, I will be participating in ‘Deccan Cliffhanger’ – a cycle race from Pune to Goa. From now until the 28th of November 2022, I will be running a crowdfunding campaign to raise upto 1 lakh rupees which will be distributed amongst two deserving indie musicians or groups. Winners in the ‘indie band category’ stand to win upto INR 65,000 and in the ‘solo / singer songwriter / DJ producer category’ stand to win upto INR 35,000. You can check out and donate toward the campaign by clicking this link

Indie Musicians – up and coming bands, singer songwriters, dj / producers – I know it can sometimes be tough to make the music of your heart and stay true to your inspiration, without worrying about the expense of recording, mixing, mastering etc… So, I invite you to apply to this contest by clicking the google form below, Where you’ll find more details

You’ll be excited to know of our Jury who will help me pick the winners- My dear friends and family from the all star line up of Taal Inc. and Friends:  Sanjay Divecha , Gino Banks, Sheldon Desilva, Vasundhara Vee, Gandhaar Amin, Vinay Kaushal and myself…

Help me spread the word by sharing this link with those who would like to support this campaign through donations and also indie musicians you may know who would benefit from this contest

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Thanks and all the best! 

Varun Venkit