Exceptional times require exceptional measures and this is probably the most exceptional time our generation has ever seen. As much as this is helping us understand ourselves better and giving us opportunity to be with our loved ones, it can also sometimes be a toll resulting in lack of creativity and motivation to work.

Everyone has weeks where you check off everything on your to-do list with pleasure, and weeks where you’d really rather be anywhere but at work. Most people will be slowly returning to their workplace now after a long WFH haul which makes it important for organisations to put in more efforts towards boosting their morale and motivation to help them make this transition smoothly. 

One of the best ways to keep your employees motivated and invested at the workplace is building a work culture that fosters creativity and breeds innovation. To put it simply, creative employees are joyful employees, joyful employees are motivated employees and motivated employees are productive employees. 

One of our primary goals at Taal Inc. is to enable employees and organisations to achieve their full potential using arts and rhythm and until the time we can’t physically do it with you, here are 7 creativity and motivation boosting activities for you to try at workplaces that anyone including the employees themselves can conduct, It’ll also help them polish their leadership skills. Bonus Alert!!

  • Story Making:
    One of the best ways to express creatively using imagination is storytelling and what better than the entire team making a story together. Make them sit in a circle and start off with a random word going around in the circle clockwise where everyone adds a word to take the story forward. You can do as many circles as you like until it becomes an interesting and funny story.
  • Group Drumming/Collaborative Music Making:
    No instruments? No worries! Use office tables, stationary, cardboard boxes or anything you can make music with. Make sure one person is keeping the beat. Preferably someone with a drumming background and ask everyone to intuitively add their music following the beat and their inner rhythm. Pro Tip: Keeping eyes closed really does the magic here.
  • Make a Skit:
    Make groups of 3-6 people depending on the team size. Give each group 5-10 minutes to prepare a skit and perform it under 3 minutes. Topics can be chosen by teams or can be predefined by the facilitator. Groups perform based on the topics given to them. Other teams watch the performance and once all are done performing, the winner can be declared based on team voting.
  • Theme Based Open Mic:
    An open mic can be a great morale booster as it enables creative expression in a non judgemental format. You can organise one on a pre-decided theme that is relevant to your workplace and colleagues or go with the classics like travel, food, love, college days etc. The performers have freedom to choose their medium of expression, be it a song, a poem or just an anecdote, everything is accepted and appreciated equally.
  • Make a Short Film:
    Making a short film of just 2 minutes can be a great team building and motivational activity you never knew about. Divide teams in groups of 5. A writer, An editor, A director, A cinematographer and 1 or 2 actors if the script demands it. Give them a subject or complete creative liberty to choose one. Organise a screening of these films and watch your employees swell with pride and motivation as they see their end result on screen.
  • Anonymous Compliment Box:
    Everyone loves to be appreciated and especially at workplaces, a pat on the shoulder can be a great motivation booster. Dedicate a special place for a box accessible to all, employees can anonymously write compliments and inspirational qualities of other employees on notes and put it in the box. Everyone can read it and appreciate each other in a much more holistic way. A great way to boost confidence and create a positive work culture.
  • Common Grounds:
    When we know that we’re not the only ones going through something, the weight of the problem feels much lighter. Organise silent common grounds sessions once in a while. Make everyone stand in a circle, ask one person to share something relevant, something that they feel or been meaning to express by walking to the middle of the circle.Whoever resonates with that feeling even remotely can just silently walk to the person in the centre and give them a hug/high five and quietly come back to their places. Repeat with as many people as you like.

We hope these activities help you boost the morale of employees at your organisation and also help them take leads by facilitating these fun yet impactful activities. Please share your feedback once you try these at the workplace and get in touch with us to organise more such impactful and empowering training and employee engagement events when we can.

Until We Meet Again:
-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator.