When Varun Venkit started Taal Inc. he had a vision that he’d created thanks to his years of playing the djembe and realising the enormous benefits of the instrument. That vision was and is, ‘ A Djembe in every house’. 

What is so unique and beneficial in a percussion instrument and why should it be a part of every household you ask?

In western Africa, where the djembe comes from, almost every household has a Djembe or a similar instrument and they use it for a variety of purposes like celebrations, Drumming Circles for Healing and community music making. But we’re talking about our country and how a djembe in every household here also can be tremendous. Regardless of the country, overall well-being is something that should be a priority and let me walk you through some of the facts and reasons as to how a djembe can affect the overall well-being of individuals and families. 

Well-being is typically categorised in five areas and we’ll see how playing the djembe can work wonders in all of them:

Physical Well-Being: Playing a djembe has innumerous benefits on physical health. Right from improving blood circulation and immunity to helping one build stamina, playing a djembe is a great exercise for physical health. It also relieves pain and burns calories, in short a perfect workout.

Mental Well-Being: Playing a djembe is proven to relieve stress and anxiety and it also helps one focus better and calm the nervous system, so it’s not just a physical exercise but a mental one as well.

Spiritual Well-Being: Personally, I have not found a better and a more powerful meditative experience other than being a part of a Drum Circles and each time I ask the participants what they were thinking during the course of the hour long session, almost everyone ends up saying, ‘Nothing’. Isn’t that what most spiritual seekers are after?

Emotional Well-Being: In times of stress, taking care of the emotional health should become a priority for everyone and a djembe comes to the rescue in that area as well. Not only does it calm one’s mind and relieves stress, playing a djembe has also been known to release the four major happiness inducing hormones, Endorphin, Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin.

Social Well-Being: One of the most important factors to lead a happy life nowadays is the connections we have with our fellow beings and collaborative music making activity using djembes is one of the most effective ways of bonding with people, known or strangers. The whole process where everyone starts off with their individual voice but ends up with the same rhythm together is a great way to get close to the people around.

Now that you know how amazing and a versatile instrument a djembe is, I’m sure you must be thinking as to where you can get one for yourself. Well, look no further, we at Taal Inc. are running a flash sale on great quality, repaired and tuned used wooden djembes. Whether you are a facilitators looking to get a bunch of djembes to lead Team Building Activities in Pune or elsewhere or you want to attend our West African Djembe Classes, you can reach out to us to grad a djembe or few for yourself and we’ll make sure that you get as fascinated as we are with this beautiful instrument.

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator