From compromised work-life balance to mental health of the employees, the corporate world has taken as big a hit as any other sector due to this pandemic. It seemed like an obvious choice then to talk about that in our next Vlog and to do that, I had the pleasure to chat with someone who can safely be called the pioneer in the application of rhythm and arts for corporate training in the country, Varun Venkit. The brief chat that started with discussing the learnings from the pandemic later touched upon many important aspects of how corporate training looks like now, how it’ll be post pandemic and the online offerings Taal Inc. came up with to make it more accessible for everyone. Do watch the Vlog to listen to the full conversation.

We are (hopefully) on the verge of leaving this pandemic behind us and when we do, the organisations will need specialised tools and training programs to make that transition into normal life again smoothly. Picking up one of my key takeaways from the chat with Varun, I feel that we’ll be experiencing a more compassionate work culture. Sure, the economy will take a while to stand up again, but we’ll have friends and colleagues standing by our side to face it all together and to help you build and maintain a work culture like that, we at Taal Inc. are committed to give our best. So if you are looking for corporate engagement activities, corporate training sessions, team building events for work, employee engagement exercises or even motivational activities for employees, do look us up. We’d be happy to help…

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator