Akshata Parekh leads a Taal Inc. Wedding Drum Circle

The Taal Inc. Logo was developed by the amazingly talented artist Nikhil More based on a brief I gave him way back in 2009. He asked me for photos of my hand in the position of playing a djembe or a drum and next thing I knew, there was the Taal Inc. logo as we know it today. It actually took me a while to read that the hands spelled the word ‘Taal’. But once one sees it, it can’t be undone. Did you know that the Taal Inc. colours all stand for something? Yellow, orange, red and purple, in this blog series, we will break that down one by one… 

Taal Inc. Rhythmic Weddings: Drum Circle at your Wedding Sangeet

Colour: Red – Wedding Drum Circles & Rhythmic Family Gatherings: Come pandemic, rain or shine, nothing can stop the coming-together of two souls. Let a Taal Inc. Wedding Drum Circle add to this special event and make the whole (extended) family drum together as one. Celebrate life with Taal Inc or as we say: #CelebrateWithTaal

Bring the families together with a Taal Inc. Drum Circle

A lot of us are blessed with the ability to work from home. This is a learning from the Covid-19 pandemic – to go out only when necessary. We started saving ourselves a lot of unnecessary travel time, we all got ourselves paid zoom subscriptions and we all started exercising more. Having said this, at the very core of being human is the fact that we are social beings. We like to connect with one another, talk, laugh, dance and make music together. We were patiently waiting for when this would be permitted and as the lockdown gradually lifted, we were blessed to be given the opportunity to do what we do best – we bring people together, we make people drum, we enable smiles and facilitate joy through rhythm and Taal Inc. drum circles.

Celebrate your Family Get Togethers with a Private Drum Circle

So what if your wedding is smaller than you had earlier planned? This way, through a Taal Inc. rhythmic wedding or as it is more commonly known: wedding drum circles, you may actually be able to talk to all the guests and make more genuine connections than the usual ‘hi’s, hello’s and have-you-eaten’s?’ Many social groups, women’s kitty party groups, study groups and not for profit organizations are starting to come together, strictly adhering to the government covid regulations and fulfilling the very basic need of socially interacting and celebrating life with Taal. So if it’s a family gathering that needs some rhythmic interaction, silver or a golden anniversary waiting to be celebrated, a celebration that is pending due to the lockdown, go ahead and call us to organize a wedding drum circle or a private family drum circle for you and your guests. It will be a memory of a lifetime. 

Come. Drum. Be One

Varun Venkit