Everytime I think of coming together or celebrating, I’m reminded of a beautiful African proverb that goes like, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”

One of the most important evolutionary advantages we have over other living beings is the ability to feel grateful and celebrate, celebrate success, celebrate special days and celebrate coming together of individuals. We celebrate to take in the essence of something that is meaningful to us and to remember the special day when that something happens.

When we talk about celebrations it’s almost impossible to leave music behind.Music is an art that, in one guise or another, permeates every human society. Some Anthropologists and  historians even claim that music was in fact the first kind of communication and since music has always brought people together, from early humans to modern ones and from every part of the globe, music becomes the obvious choice for any kind of a celebration. Now when it comes to celebrations and music, Taal Inc. can’t be too far behind, afterall, that’s what we do best. To make your celebrations even more memorable, we at Taal Inc. have come up with Taal Inc. Rhythmic weddings and Celebrate with Taal Inc. two of our specially curated offerings tailor made for celebrations. Let me share a little bit about both with you:

Celebrate With Taal Inc.:

Be it Diwali celebrations or bringing in the new year, Birthdays or anniversaries or Drumming at Sangeets, A Taal Inc. Drum Circle will make sure to make every moment of your celebrations worth remembering for life. With group bonding activities to everyone playing the djembes together, everything in the Drum circle  will leave your guests spellbound and let your party be a topic for conversation for weeks to come.

Taal Inc. Rhythmic Weddings:

What’s better than all the guests at the wedding singing and dancing to the music?

All the guests making music together! In a Taal Inc. Wedding Drum Circle. Imagine 1 circle, many joyous people with drums and percussion instruments,professional musicians on the isles with their instruments and a Taal Inc. Facilitator in the center of the circle leading this high energy experience. The Ladke and Ladki walle will be swept off their feet and won’t know what hit them! 

When going in the lockdown and counting essential services, we didn’t realise how essential it’ll become for us to meet people we love, share a meal with a friend and most importantly, come together and celebrate. After a long wait now, it’s possible for us to do so and Taal Inc. is ready with all the Covid-Compliant safety protocols to help you do that in the most memorable way possible. Let’s celebrate friends, community and coming together. Let’s Celebrate With Taal Inc.

-Aman Joshi

Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator