It was early in the month of March 2016, The 2nd Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator Training Program was being held at CDSA Pune. I had travelled from my hometown, Indore to attend it. I had some experience with facilitating processes with groups but neither have I ever used rhythm and group drumming to do the same nor I had any musical background, all I knew was that I’ll probably be able to understand the basics of rhythm and be able to facilitate sessions with groups using the same. I had absolutely no idea what the course had in store for me and how it was going to turn my life around.After a full week of learning fun and impactful facilitation tools, the treacherous and painful routine of playing the djembes for hours at a go and understanding the basics of rhythm facilitation with Varun Venkit, I was certain that I’m going to take it up as my primary career and I did, four months later, I moved base to Pune to work with Taal Inc. as a Drum Circle Facilitator and I’ve not regretted the decision even once in over four years.

Today, after all these years, I was reminiscing all the drum circles that I’ve been fortunate to facilitate and some stood out for very special reasons and I thought of sharing these with you all. These drum circles are all different in nature and the participants profile is quite diverse as well. Some of these have been packed with HR Activities for Employees and some have been community drum circles. From Team Building Events at corporate offsites to Employee Engagement Activities in office, there have been some really fun and meaningful drum circles.

One of the most special drum circles was of course the first ever one that I facilitated, it was a part of the training program and we’ve invited a bunch of 9th and 10th graders to attend it. 15 minutes into the session and I realised that it is a disaster, I just could not handle the group and was all over the place, so much so that Varun had to enter the circle to do the firefighting, I was devastated that my first ever group drumming session was such a mess and unsure if I can really do it but everyone in the training program supported me post the session and gave me enough confidence to facilitate the next one after just one day. And that drum circle went on to be supercharged, full of rhythm and dance, joy and even tears from some participants and it was enough for me to see a new career lining up for me.

Post that, I’ve been fortunate enough to go on and facilitate many more sessions, my first session with 100 people, 200, 300 and even 500 participants, sessions where participants came and hugged me later, some cried, some took selfies and autographs. But the point of sharing all these is not what I as a facilitator have been able to give to the participants but what all these sessions gave me as a facilitator. Each session that I facilitate leaves me enriched with many learnings, oodles of confidence and a ton of gratitude for being able to do something so sacred, healing and empowering.

If these words inspired even a tinge of spark in you, you’re in for a treat, the next Taal Inc. Facilitator Training Program is happening in May and we have many seats left, go ahead, register yourself for the same and experience the transformation that only rhythm can bring from within.

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator