Connections! What comes to your mind when you hear this word? Friends, family, pets, colleagues these are all connections and they’re important. Many studies report that as social animals, humans need each other. We need to feel supported, valued, and loved. Those who have good connections are happier, healthier, and live longer than those who report feeling lonely. We as human beings are wired for connections and we primarily connect in three ways:

  • Connection with nature:
    Connecting with nature is essential for us humans. Along with its many physical benefits, it also gives us a realisation of our shared place in nature, which affects our being – how we experience the world here and now; our emotional response, beliefs and attitudes towards nature. Even though it feels seemingly difficult to be able to fully connect with nature in this pandemic, in this online session, we’ll explore ways of doing it from our houses.
  • Connection with fellow humans:
    Be it friends, family or colleagues, connecting with our fellow beings is primal to us. The interdependence on each other creates a sense of community. Now is a good time to strengthen these connections and build what’s called as Social Support in psychology. Social Support is a belief that a person is cared for and is a part of a supportive group like friends of co-workers. Using some simple tools and exercises in these Group Activities for Employees,we’ll be looking deep into making these connections even stronger.
  • Connection with self:
    Most important among the three is having a deep and meaningful and loving connection with self.To feel more connected to others it’s important that we first connect to ourselves.During these online sessions, we’ll take a deep dive into self through our creativity and inner feelings which in turn will help us connect with everything else more meaningfully.

and when all three are in perfect sync, at Taal Inc. we call it “Finding Our Inner Rhythm’ or in Mahatma Gandhi’s words, ‘Peace is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony’.

We often think of connections primarily out of our workplaces but meaningful connections can do wonders at work as well. Having a strong sense of team and interconnectedness can harness more productivity and joy among the employees and give them a sense of belonging along with boosting their morale and confidence. In these online sessions, we’ll be looking at means of connecting with self and co-workers through creative expression and co-creation and find out how these connections at workplaces can elevate the performance and mental health of the organisation and individuals alike through these Group Activities for Employees. 

In the words of Alexander Supertramp, ‘Happiness is only real when shared’ and this makes even more sense in times like these when coming together and sticking together is more essential than anything else and these online sessions are our efforts to do our bit towards helping individuals and organisations reclaim, rebuild and retain these connections.