Last week for us has been full of joy and wonder as we got to facilitate three very special sessions in the week. While in a normal pre-pandemic world, that number would’ve been certainly high but in the times we’re living in, we truly feel blessed that we’re slowly getting back to doing what we love, what we do best and what drives us. Doesn’t matter how many, what matters is that we do each of the sessions with immense gratitude and that’s exactly what we did. Here we share Varun and Akshata’s experiences with you after doing these sessions.

Varun talks about his sessions and expresses his joy while saying:

Getting the opportunity to do a session packed with Team Building Activities in Pune or anywhere is always a joyful experience and so was this one. Mumbai has  a special place in our hearts and this one with over 50 participants from a pharma giant was no different. It was quite a grand spectacle when after the initial drumming, we joined hands with the emcee to launch the logo with a bang, quite literally with the enthusiastic beats of the djembe.

Akshata on the other hand was in Pune and facilitated two lovely sessions, including our favourite, Taal Inc. Community Drum Circle.

Here’s what she has to say about the same:

I’ve facilitated Drum Circles for Seniors and some really lively Women’s Drum Circles and while all of them hold a special place in my heart, nothing beats the joy of facilitating the community drum circle and I felt the same doing this one as well. Around 20-25 people, creating their own rhythm and beat just with small cues as if they don’t even need a facilitator and they just kept going for an hour like that and then I finally stepped in to initiate some sharing and a beautiful sound bath experience which some of them really immersed in fully and then we got back to drumming again only to create an even better and stronger rhythm. 

And about the other session, she goes on to add:

Yes, Teachers can be fun, playful and lively, just make 50 of them sit in a room, give them all drums and watch their inner child come out in full glory. My experience of doing this session at Kothari International School was just that. Watching all these teachers drum in unison, so organically coming together in rhythm was such a beautiful sight to behold. The school has a tradition of starting their year with a power packed drum circle and that really brings everyone together and sets the pace for the year to come and that made perfect sense for me to facilitate the intention setting activity for them to end the session on note that’ll keep them going for the rest of the year by reminding them of the intentions they expressed.

Teachers or corporate employees or just random strangers coming together to drum, these Drumming Circles For Healing really do bring out the best in everyone and we’re fortunate to be the catalysts of that transformation and witness it first hand. 

So when are you inviting us to do the same for you?
Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circles