India is back to office and back to work. Those companies who could continue with work from home, did. Some chose to apply a hybrid method and some went back to the good old, ‘clock-in-clock-out’ system that we all know so well. This means, managing your team, your workforce, your employees is the need of the hour. Taal Inc. has a host of team building drumming activities to offer to groups of all sizes. In fact I have gone in great depth enlisting the benefits of group drumming in my previous blogs. I urge you to go back and check those out. 

What we all have learned (the hard way) is that mental health cannot be ignored, burnout is real and that investing in a happy workforce leads to a more productive team with a lower attrition rate. What do I mean by ‘investing in your workforce’? I thought you’d never ask. As a business owner, CEO, a senior manager, a team leader ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do I know my team / employees well?
  • Is my team / company happy?
  • Is my team / company healthy?
  • What’s special about my team / my employees?

The more detail in which you can answer these questions will show you the extent to which you know your team. Is it merely the monthly paycheck that’s bringing them to work or is it an intrinsic motivation that drives them. This intrinsic motivation may not entirely be the responsibility of the company but one pandemic later I am willing to bet that as a business owner or team leader, we will need to pay more attention to this aspect.

Where do Taal Inc. Corporate Drum Circles fit in? Team building drumming workshops or interactive drumming workshops will be a good way to start. The drum helps bring out the child in everyone; age, gender, musical ability notwithstanding. This is an activity that engages each and every participant of the session. This is one team building activity where it keeps the participants away from their phones and presently listening to each other. If you were thinking of employee motivation through drumming, then this is the way to do it. A one-off session will leave them with a high-energy synchronous feeling and doing this activity on a weekly or fortnightly basis will help the team build new connections with each other. This in turn will translate into the team bringing their authentic selves to work each and every single day. Thisin and of itself should help with increasing productivity and problem solving. Humans are by intrinsic nature good team players. Maybe we need to be reminded more but simply by removing distractions and adding more ‘play’ at work, you will begin to see the results. 

Incorporating drumming at work will help with adding that aspect of ‘play’ in our workplace. This has shown to translate into employees ‘playing’ with their problems and finding new and unique ways to approach these issues leading to more creative solutions. How? Consider this: You take part in a team building drumming workshop. One of the benefits of group drumming is the facilitation of secretion of the feel-good hormones (serotonin, dopamine endorphins and oxytocin) which helps us access a flow-state with more ease. Of course one would need to drum for a lot longer and to be under the care and guidance of an expert facilitator. But this is possible. A little bit of attention can go a long way. This is the aim of the team at Taal Inc.: to bring out the best from your team using ongoing art based interventions such as drum circles, expressive art sessions, creative movement sessions, creative writing sessions and more… Get in touch with us to know more about our offerings for your team. We’ll have a chat, and go through a process to make sure that what we offer is relevant to your needs. Let’s work together and build a happier, healthier, more aware and productive workforce. 

Come. Drum. Be One
Varun Venkit
Team Taal Inc.