motivation activities for employees

The difference between a nihilist and a believer, an optimist and a pessimist is ‘Purpose’.It is what keeps us motivated, gives us a direction and fuels us to keep going in the desired direction, both as an individual and as an organisation. Especially in a corporate setup, employees having a sense of purpose and being in sync with the larger purpose of the organisation is a boon. 

In today’s market, the need of the hour is to sustain businesses by staying on top of the game. Low morale costs money! Motivated employees are productive employees, which translates to profitable employees. Keeping in mind the value addition motivated employees bring to an organisation and how a holistic purpose helps them stay productive and satisfied, we made it the fourth pillar of Taal Inc. Drum Talks. ‘Motivation and Purpose’. 

How can art and music based sessions symbolise Motivation and Purpose?

How does it help organisations and employees realise the importance of it experientially?

Here, we break it down for you and help you understand how A Taal Inc. Drum Talks session makes it possible:

  • Manifesting Company’s Purpose into the Session’s Purpose:
    The customizability of a Taal Inc. Drum Talks session allows us to symbolically weave the company’s purpose in the session’s purpose while each participant being the stakeholder in the same. The fundamental element in a Taal Inc.session is co-creation and each task can only be completed when all the participants work as a team. This coming together of all the employees working towards the larger purpose of the session(and the organisation) by climbing the ladder of smaller goals, creates a deeper understanding and willingness to work towards the purpose of the company in the employees.
  • Holistic Approach Towards the Purpose:
    A mission statement that promotes a healthy work culture motivates the employees to give their best to every job they’re assigned. When employees know that their overall wellbeing is a part of the company’s core values, they contribute more efficiently towards the wellbeing of the organisation. In a Taal Inc. session, we make sure to establish that one of the primary objectives of the session is the happiness of the participants and then we democratically decide the way forward of the session using exercises such as intention setting and creative writing making the employees experientially realise their value in the organisation.
  • Alignment Between the Individual and the Common Purpose:
    Most people want to make some kind of positive impact on the lives of others, be it your team, your company, or wider society. And in many cases, our jobs do have a positive impact, but a lot of times, employee’s are too far removed from the end result to truly understand how their work can benefit others. Alignment of the company’s purpose with that of the employees can bridge that gap and help employees work towards the common purpose with increased productivity. How does a Taal Inc. session help with that, you ask? By using various creative expression exercises, we help bridge the communication gap between the leaders and employees which makes it easier for the leaders to communicate their purpose more effectively and motivate the employees to find alignment between the two.
  • Mental Health is Always a Priority:
    Happy employees are motivated employees and an organization that values the mental well-being of the employees nurtures a creative and motivated work culture. At Taal Inc. We’ve always prioritized mental health and have most of our facilitators from psychology backgrounds which helps us make sure to emphasize through various motivation activities for employees the importance of mental well-being at workplaces in each of our sessions.

Maintaining motivated employees benefits the organization with reduced attrition and absenteeism. This module will also help you to positively influence your teams and create a workplace that is productive, innovative and satisfying to the team members.

-Aman Joshi

Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator