motivation activities for employees

If you’ve been following the Taal Inc. Drum Talks: Deconstructed series, you know that the four major pillars of a Taal Inc. Drum Talk sessions are: Leadership | Communication and Group Cohesion | Stress Management | Motivation and Purpose.

I’d like you to let your imagination run now and imagine these four pillars as four wheels, and the engine that’s powering them is the fifth element in the Drum Talks session, Self Awareness. Together making the vehicle of your organisation run smoothly and in the right direction. Having gone through the sessions using the aforementioned pillars, the individuals and the team experience a heightened sense of self awareness as a result of expression, communication and a stress free mental state.

Self awareness is a mindful consciousness of your strengths, weaknesses, actions and presence. Clear self awareness requires having a clear perception of your mental and emotional states. 

To build a people-oriented organization of Engaged Employees, it is important to relate better with colleagues at all levels and to create a more harmonious and trustworthy environment. Being self-aware at the workplace, enables you to be more understanding of others and cultivate an empathetic environment at the workplace. This builds a stronger and more efficient team. 

People who are more self-aware benefit from performing better at work, are better communicators, and are more likely to be promoted. Therefore it is a win-win for organisations to help people become more self-aware in the workplace, understanding their own skills and areas to improve, as well as how other people see them, and how they fit into the larger organisational picture.

Our brains may be wired by unconscious thoughts, but we can practise self-awareness, to improve our ability to see the world more clearly. The first step is acknowledging that there is a problem, and being aware of a need to change. A Taal Inc. Drum Talks session helps your employees do just that using Fun Employee Engagement Activities. Some of the key ways in which our sessions help them become more self aware are:

  • Becoming aware of their surroundings and reactions to various situations.
  • How they respond to other people and identify communication patterns.
  • How they deal with change and learn to make the transition smooth.
  • Their relationship with self and co-workers at the workplace.
  • How they deal with failure and how/what they learn from it.

People who know themselves better – Do Better! Having employees that are more aware, helps your team look at issues more objectively and use the strengths resourcefully. Self-awareness helps you to be mindful, empathetic and happy at the workplace and in life.

We hope this in depth series of blogs about Taal Inc. Drum Talks helped you understand our sessions and the 5 essential pillars or Building Blocks in a detailed way. We look forward to hearing from you and customising a session or many for your organisation and helping you achieve the harmony that every organisation strives for.