If you know about Taal Inc. and what we do, you’re already aware of the idea of Drum Circles. Taal Inc. has been facilitating these Drum Circles for almost 15 years now and is a pioneer in the field. What started with an intention to build communities using rhythm and group drumming quickly grew into an organisation conducting Drum Circles for intimate celebrations, Drumming Circles For Healing, Rhythm Ensemble performances and corporate training sessions for Team Building Activities In Pune and elsewhere. Slowly but eventually everyone realised and accepted the tremendous positive impact these sessions had on individuals and teams. 

Speaking about the applications of these sessions in corporate settings, they can be organised for various short term applications like a Conference Starter / Finisher Activity,Award Ceremony,Client Engagement,Team ice-breaker activity and a Team Motivator. While all of these sessions can be pretty effective and engaging to have with your team members, they mostly have short term benefits. 

These drum circles however, if organised as long term psychological and behavioural interventions at workspaces can be utilised for various other benefits like better interpersonal relationships among employees, better productivity and increased motivation and considerably improved physical health of the employees as well. Along with having innumerous behavioral and physical benefits, these long term group drumming interventions in corporate settings can also have a tremendous impact on the mental health of the employees. If practiced regularly, group drumming has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and equip the participants to deal with work related stress in a very effective way. 

While these sessions may seem repetitive after a couple of times, I’d like to leave you with a simple example of physical exercise. Be it running, yoga, going to the gym or swimming, none of these activities will produce results if not practiced regularly. They are the same everyday but what changes is one’s ability to perform these exercises in a slightly improved manner everyday and that is precisely what produces results. 

In the end, here’s a video of Varun Venkit shedding some more light on how these long term group drumming interventions can transform your organisation:

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator