As we’re slowly getting back to what we do best, bringing you joy and happiness through rhythm and group drumming, our facilitators are having a lovely time doing these sessions after months.
Neha Oswal recently facilitated a Wedding Drum Circle and her experience was wonderful to say the least, in her own words:

We were all set with drums and tambourines and we started before the bride and groom came, with an intention to welcome them with a set rhythm.

We had literally just settled in with a nice and fun rhythm and the couple entered and we all decided to welcome them with a happy rhythm and I asked if what the public wanted them to do, while we all played. Of Course they all said DANCE!!

Now the guests all played the drums together and the couple danced and entered in the circle with a bang.

And ended all of that with energetic drum rolls and lots of laughter.

While bidding goodbye to everyone, I couldn’t help but notice the energy of this group of multiple generations sitting together. Despite the age and generation gap, they all were so enthusiastic and their body language while drumming was showing their zest so clearly. And we all saluted the energy of the grandmas and grandpas with some drum rolls at the end.

I was extremely happy doing a session after months and I couldn’t be more grateful for loving what I do and doing what I love.

Pooja Nahar also got to do a vibrant and energetic Kids In Rhythm session with the young ones and couldn’t stop from expressing her joy in words, she went on to say:

The excitement of doing a Drum Circle after 1.5 years was unlike anything else. 20 kids, many smiles and many more beats, it was just phenomenal. When I asked them if they’re missing school?They all agreed in unison and that was quite a unique experience to see it coming from these young ones. The pandemic indeed has changed a lot, even for kids.

Since we’ve started drumming again, we’ve had a few really memorable sessions already. From Varun leading a session packed with Team Building Activities in Pune to our Community Drum Circles for Healing and experiencing the magic of collective rhythm, we’ve done so much already, all while strictly adhering to Covid safety norms and looking forward to a lot more. If you have a gathering or an event coming do remember us and we promise to give your team and guests the most memorable rhythmic experience.

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator