For over 8 months we’ve realized how essential it’ll become for people to come together in communities and at workplaces. How replenishing real time human connections are and most importantly, we’ve shared with you via multiple mediums how group drumming can help people come together and connect with self and others on a deeper level and how it can help organisations deal with employees grappling with productivity, motivation and making constant transitions. But honestly, we were yet to put it all to a test and see the results of participants experiencing it first hand. Well, we haven’t been in a pandemic before, have we?

We were hopeful, super-charged and eagerly waiting to facilitate a covid-compliant drum circle and were fortunate enough to do one in October and we couldn’t be more elated.

The day was 30th of October. Masks were on. Drums were sanitised and we were all set and full of excitement to do a Drum Circle for a corporate group after 8 long months.
Over the course of 13+ years, Taal Inc. has facilitated thousands of Drum Circles but this one easily makes it in the top 10 position simply because we’ve never not done a Drum Circle for 8 months straight. This Drum Circle was also a special one for a unique reason. It was the first ever Drum Circle conducted by Taal Inc. where there were no smiles. No No, don’t take me wrong, people were smiling ofcourse, just that the smiles were hidden under the masks. That allowed us to see the joy in participants’ eyes and body language because more often than not, their vibrant smiles take away all the limelight.

It was indeed a unique and beautiful experience for us but the participants had a ball of a time as well, here’s what a couple of them have to say:
“We had a lovely time drumming with team Taal Inc. We all had masks on, were sitting 6 feet apart from each other but felt closer than ever as the rhythm brought us all together and could share the happiness with hands and eyes as our Rieco completed 45 Years.”
– Shartika Khajuria
Head Human Resources
Rieco Industries Limited

“The drum circle by Taal Inc. was the perfect way for our team to get into a rhythm. The powerful sounds resonated in people’s mind and hearts and delivered the key message of working in unison and harmony”.
– Vikas Bhatia
Managing Director
Rieco Industries Limited

We are Back! We are ready! We are Excited! And we are looking forward to adding joy and meaning to your festivities and  team engagement events with our Covid-Compliant Drumming Events where your safety, your overall well-being and your happiness will be our primary objective.

-Waiting to drum with you again
Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator