Picking up from where we left off in the last blog, let’s take you ahead in this journey with us to some of the most interesting places we’ve drummed at over the years. As we journey beyond doing drum circles and Team Building Activities In Pune and reach places we never imagined these sessions will take us.

Varun Drumming On Varun Beach:
Our next stop in this voyage is the beautiful coastal city of Vizag and while it was not our first time doing Drum Circles in Andhra Pradesh, this one was a little more special since Varun was drumming on a beach that shares his name, ‘Varun Beach’. Followed by the beautiful east coast sunrise the next morning on the beach. Nothing short of magical.

Drumming for and with Indian Army at NDA and Ajmer:
Some of the most memorable sessions we’ve done can’t not include sessions with over 100 high ranking officers of Indian army at one venue and over 50 of them with families at another. We got to experience first hand while facilitating these sessions with them that everything that’s said about their zeal, grit, enthusiasm and passion is but a mere understatement.
Jharsuguda, Orissa. A mammoth of a logistical challenge:
Have you heard the name ‘Jharsuguda’, even we didn’t (No offence to the residents of this lovely town) till we got an opportunity to do a Drum Circle there and transporting a couple of hundred drums to such a far away city in the month of monsoon was a challenge we never experienced before. But for all of us at Taal Inc. No destination is too far and no number is too large. Our only aim is to give the participants an experience to remember for life and that’s exactly what we did here as well.
Drum Circle On a Yacht, Mumbai:
When we told you about drumming at interesting and unique places in the beginning, we weren’t kidding. Yes, we’ve even drummed on a yacht, apart from all the terrestrial Drum Circles In Mumbai. Everyone including the facilitators and the djembes were riding the waves and moving constantly and we really believe that the energy of the session and enthusiasm from the beats of the djembe saved everyone from falling sea sick.

Wedding DC in DC, Washington DC:
Now let’s take you saat samundar paar. After drumming for years in India, we finally got some great opportunities to conduct Drum Circles Out Of India, and one of them was this lively wedding drum circle under our Premium Wedding Package, where we made baaratis out of all the participants and welcomed the bride and groom with power packed beats of the djembe and lively Punjabi dhol and made sure we’re called to visit uncle sam again sooner than later.

Drum Circles In Cleveland and Boston:
One session for a bunch of amazing and full of energy kids at a community school in Cleveland and another for a graduation ceremony filled with youthful energy in Boston, Uncle Sam did invite us again and how. These Drumming Circles for Healing and celebration were the major highlights of our drumming journey so far and we can’t help but smile everytime we revisit them, like we’re doing now.

If only we could tell you about all the unique and beautiful places we’ve drummed at, from Drum Circles for Seniors to Women’s Drum Circles, Drum Circles in Goa To Drum Circles in Delhi, it would take us a series of at least a hundred blogs so we’ll push the brakes for now only to continue this journey with you later. Hope you had fun being our co-travelers on this trip down memory lane.

Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator