Taal Inc. was started nearly 15 years ago with introducing and pioneering the art of facilitating Drum Circles in the country. Having the foundation in the vibrant city of Pune, we first had our base in this very city and for a few years initially, we mastered our art right here, organised sessions for Team Building Activities In Pune and Drum Circles for Healing and mental health but it was soon after those few years, we started expanding and now we can proudly say that we’ve drummed across the country and a few international destinations as well. In this blog series, we are reminiscing the times when these sessions took us places, literally and figuratively. Here are a few of the most beautiful, strangest, inaccessible and unusual venues and locations we’ve drummed at:
Neemrana Fort, Neemrana, Rajasthan.
After facilitating quite a few Drum Circles In Delhi, this beautiful venue just a couple of hours away from the city was a beautiful surprise to say the least. The beauty, the old world charm and the rustic vibe of the old but restored fort was enough to enchant us but we were fortunate enough to not just experience the grandeur of the palace but also do a drum circle there. It felt like the beats of the djembes just echoed and vibrated and echoed everywhere in the fort. It was truly magical to say the least.

Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh.
Backdrop of the mighty snow capped Dhauladhars, A balmy, warm January afternoon and 50 people making music with junk. We couldn’t have a better experience in the Himalayas. If only we could do it more, we’d probably drum here every winters, in the cold, warming up our hands and hearts with the rhythm and joy on the faces of the participants.

Tera Mera Beach Campaign, Goa.
150 days, 150 Drum Circles. All at the breezy, sunny beaches of Goa, everyday. This was perhaps one of the most exciting and meaningful projects we’ve been a part of. We were doing a Drum Circle In Goa everyday for 150 days straight to spread awareness about beach cleanup, garbage disposal and ocean pollution and saying that we enjoyed the process would be as much of an understatement as calling Goa just a holiday destination.

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan.
After our last community Drum Circle in Jaipur, we were missing Rajasthan and then this knocked on our door. Yes, we have drummed inside a national park. Imagine the beautiful dry deciduous forests of Ranthambore all around with occasional calls of different birds and animals and a five star resort right at the edge of the forest, does one even need to do anything else here? But we did, we facilitated a full of energy drum circle with over 200 people at this magical oasis in Rajasthan.

These were just a few highlights of many more such transforming and lively experiences we’ve had through drumming at these wonderful places. Stay tuned to the blog series for a lot more of these beautiful journeys we’ve been on, just to give you a joyful and rhythmic experience to remember for life.

Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator.