Taal Inc. Corporate Drum Circles Mahabaleshwar

Last week has been an eventful one for us. We got to conduct two supercharged drum circles in two beautiful parts of Maharashtra. In the earlier blog I walked you through my experience of the drum circle in the lovely hills of Igatpuri, Varun Venkit on the other hand was leading a session with a lively and enthusiastic Drum Group transporting our Team Building Activities in Pune all the way to Mahabaleshwar.

One way to know that you’ve conducted a Healing Drum Circle is when you see the group dancing and celebrating even after drumming for an hour straight, that’s pretty much what ended up happening in Mahabaleshwar as well. As if each participant in the group felt a rush of adrenaline and dopamine(which a drum circle is scientifically proven to do) and expressed it with all their heart. Something that we most often witness in a Drum Circle Therapy session, but then aren’t all drum circles therapeutic in nature?

This group in particular had a mixed bag of different ages as everyone brought their families along and it also gave us a flavour of different kinds of sessions we’ve done in the past. Right from Kids in Rhythm sessions to Drum Circles for Seniors and Women’s Drum Circles. And like every other session, we had a tonne of fun conducting it and the participants too enjoyed every bit of it, taking home the memories of a lifetime. Sounds tempting? Give us a call on 7767862929 and we’ll make sure you have a similar experience for your gatherings.

In the meanwhile, here’s Varun Venkit weaving his magic in the session:

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator.