‘A regular, repeated pattern of sound’, is what the Oxford dictionary says!

But believe me dear; Rhythm is so much more than that. There are things which you see and hear, things which you touch or you stumble upon, some prick you, some soothe you, but there are certain things which you feel! Well, they aren’t really things, are they?

Drumming can help you find your inner rhythm! Taal Inc’s Facilitator leading a West African Djembe Class. #TaalInc #ComeDrumBeOne

They are as simple as the tapping of the airhostess’s stilettos on the shiny floor or the heart-beat you listen to when you are wrapped up in a rib-crushing hug. The ticking of the school clock, the flutter of the butterfly wings, the speed of your ceiling fan whose regulator is wrecked, the wheels of your favorite pink ladybird bicycle, the alliteration of Wordsworth’s poetry, the ripples you watch when you sit on Marine Drive, the shutter of your DSLR or even of the swings you swung on as a kid!

Music is the art of thinking with sounds!! Taal Inc’s Facilitator leading a West African Djembe Class in Mumbai. #TaalInc #ComeDrumBeOne

There is an unseen pattern, an unheard melody in all of them. Rhythm oozes out of every single place, I say, it rules the world! There are over thousands of cycles of rhythm going on simultaneously in this whole huge universe, you’ll wonder, won’t it be a chaos? No! Our king- Rhythm has found its peaceful pulse to smoothen these hazy and crazy patterns!

There is a rhythm in everything we know! Taal Inc’s Facilitator leading a West African Djembe Class in Pune. #TaalInc #ComeDrumBeOne

For me, rhythm is something that keeps my soul, mind and body, well connected, and well balanced. There is a peace in the ultimate chaos and it’s the rhythm of my soul which maintains it. It is so much more than just a word without vowels, a term of sound; it’s beautifully complex and astonishingly simple at the very same time. And again, it’s something you feel, something that keeps you going!

And just on days when you feel impossible and blue, all you have to do is keep the pulse going, pause, re-collect and go back in the rhythm; you won’t ever be lost!