What do some of our clients have to say about a Taal Inc Employee Engagement Activity in their office?

“The Drum Circle was a hit and helped us start our day with a lot of energy and gusto! Thank you Taal Inc., for an employee engagement activity that involved all members of the team!” – Rajesh Bhatia, Yes Bank.

“I was a bit sceptical at first to think that drumming would work with my team but I was happy to see that everyone was having a good time drumming and singing together; a true employee engagement activity indeed.” – Prashanth Kumar, Tata Communications.

“Varun Venkit is the best drum circle facilitator in India! We drummed with over 300 people at my wedding and had a superb time! Taal Inc. Wedding Drum Circles are refreshing, unique and high energy… Something I’d recommend strongly!” – Bhargav Jangle, Director, SJCPL

“Every year I make time to ensure that my team does something different together. A Taal Inc. Corporate Drumming activity is just the right thing for us. Thank you Varun and team Taal!” – Nishat Kondvikar, Partner, Skovian Ventures, Digital Marketing Agency in Pune

“We’re usually working under high stress environments and have little to no time to even eat, so let alone take part in an activity that brings us all together. But this Taal Inc. Drum Circle was a Team Building Activity that my crew needed. We are surrounded by lights, camera and actors… This was our time to shine, perform and just be ourselves!” – Saleel Pathak, Cinematographer In Mumbai

“We are a team of veterinary doctors, volunteers and interns and are almost never all at the same place at the same time. Caring for animals that don’t have a voice or an identity, we are personifying what is known as ‘Compassion Fatigue’ and need a vent, an outlet for our daily stress. Our monthly Taal Inc. Group Drumming sessions are something we look forward to and truly enjoy. It is an activity that is employee engagement at its best!” – Neha Panchamiya, Founder, ResQ Charitable Trust.

Thank you for these lovely words and testimonials. It really helps is keep calm and carry on each and every day!

Come. Drum. Be One.
Varun Venkit
Taal Inc.