​When it comes to team building, there are numerous perspectives that define what it is. In our definition, Team Building is a process of co-creation, building harmony within the team, making everyone feel acknowledged, appreciated and accepted and most importantly, building a sense of ownership in each and every member of the team. We at Taal Inc. use Drum/Rhythm Circles and other creative modalities to highlight the aforementioned aspects of team building in the most experiential way possible.

Over the last decade as Pune progressed into becoming one of the few IT hubs in the country, the need for team corporate engagement activities also saw a surge and Taal Inc. is one of the first few organisations in Pune and in the country that’s been offering these Team Building Activities in Pune in fun, engaging yet impactful ways for over 12 years. The Drum Circles conducted by Taal Inc. are among the most interactive and effective employee engagement activities you can organise with your team. Apart from Drum Circles, Taal Inc. has a host of other fun employee engagement activities be it our short and long term theme/objective based interventions, our signature Ex-Change programmes where the name stands for ‘Express for Change” and that’s exactly what these 90-120 minutes sessions with mixed activities do or our boomwhacker sessions where the participants are given a beautiful sounding instrument called Boomwhackers to create a melodious rhythm together, all these activities are meticulously planned and curated after having discussions with the HR team or the person organising the activity to address a certain desired outcome and these messages are so subtly and intricately woven with our fun employee engagement activities that it always leaves the participants asking for more.

Taal Inc. corporate engagement activities are highly customizable and hence, regardless of the occasion, it always flawlessly does the job. The next time you think of organising a team building activity in Pune, look no further, give the highly trained experts at Taal Inc. The pioneers of Drumming and rhythm based team building activities in India a shoutout and we will assure that you and your team has an experience to remember and cherish for a long time.

Come. Drum. Be One.

Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator