Here we are again, in the middle of a sequel we didn’t ask for. The almost lockdown is upon us again and it brings back some bitter memories. But let’s not forget all the good things that the previous lockdown introduced us to. Let’s go back to things that kept us going in in the long months of the lockdown. From connecting with our friends and loved ones on a daily basis to the dalgona coffees. From all the dishes we perfected to online classes and since we’re talking of online classes, Taal Inc. Online Djembe Classes are back as well. This time in a more personalised, 1 on 1 format. And if you didn’t find time to learn Djembe from some of the best teachers in the country, this is the time for you to Learn Djembe Online. What’s so special about these 1 on 1 Online Drum Classes you ask? Let me share some highlights with you to answer that. 

First of all, we’ve divided these Online Rhythm Sessions in three categories. First is the Online Djembe Classes with the maestro himself, Varun Venkit. These 1 on 1 classes are especially for past students and intermediate to advanced level students of djembe and if you’ve already crossed the beginner mark, you know that there’s no one better than Varun in the country to learn djembe from. 

The next category is for beginner level students which includes absolutely anyone over the age of 9 to start their journey of learning this vibrant instrument. These 1 on1 djembe classes will be led by Aditya Gopalakrishnan, being a student of Varun Venkit and then becoming the youngest certified djembe teacher in the country, no one knows better about the needs of beginner djembe enthusiasts than him. 

And then comes the third category. These are our specially curated 1 on 1 Online Kids In Rhythm Sessions. These sessions are special in many ways. They not just end your search for the best Kids Hobby Classes while they are at home but they also work on their overall development and learning needs through music and rhythm and for these special Online Kids Classes, we have a few special facilitators. With a combined experience of over 500 sessions and 10+ years of working with children using different mediums, Anshu Kering, Akshata Paresh, Neha Oswal and Pooja Nahar will make sure that your kid will have the best learning experience while at home and missing school.

1 on 1 classes is a great way to Learn Djembe Online for various reasons. They not just ensure the highest personal attention but they also are designed to pay extra attention to detail, resulting in the most effective medium for learning which caters to different individual learning styles at one’s own pace. To know more about these sessions and register yourself or your child, get in touch with us at the earliest. 

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator.