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The drums are one of those instruments that you have probably always wanted to learn but never got around to actually doing it. Well, now is your chance to learn Djembe online or drum lessons online for beginners enjoy a Junk percussion jam with people from around the world, from the comfort of your home.

Are you looking for Online Drum Classes in Pune? Did you want to learn the Djembe (in it’s authentic traditional West African form?) or Want to make music and jam with people using junk lying around at your home? Look no further because Taal Inc. is the place for you. If you also can’t imagine being quarantined without art and music, we have something special in store for you. We’ve curated some really fun and interesting online music making and learning experiences for you. You can choose to register for 1 on 1 classes with our highly skilled and internationally acclaimed Djembe teachers or go for a collaborative music making experiences using instruments invented by yourself with our extremely fun and expert facilitators. Go ahead, register for any or all of these fun sessions with your family or on your own and make the most of your quarantine days.

Here are all the wonderful, engaging and super fun online sessions Taal Inc. has to offer

Drum Talks by Varun Venkit

Can collaborative music making help build a stronger team?
Can understanding rhythm through different perspectives help strengthen leadership skills and increase motivation within the team?

If these questions intrigued you, Taal Inc. Drum Talks is the experience you’re looking for. Led by the Dynamic Varun Venkit, with an extensive experience in leading and facilitating training programs for corporates using principles of rhythm and ensemble music making.

These online or Covid-Compliant In person Group Activities for Employees are designed or can be customised for objectives ranging from dealing with new systemic changes post Covid-19 or prioritising mental health and motivation for the employees through theoretical and practical interactive tools of collaborative music making that are also used in Taal Inc. Drum Circles or Djembe Circle. The sessions are going to be followed by fun, engaging and measurable group assignments quantify and understand the shifts that the sessions brought among the employees. Along with being extremely engaging and impactful, these sessions also feature a mini performance by Taal Inc. Rhythm Ensemble.

If you’re looking for powerful and transformational online or in person Team Building Activities in Pune or elsewhere, Taal Inc. Drum Talks Led by our expert facilitators is the answer for you. Get in touch with us to know more about these drum lessons online are customise one for your team.

Expressive Arts for Mental Health by Akshata Parekh

No better time than now to prioritise and normalise mental health awareness and working towards it at workplaces. In the Post-Covid world, It’ll be extremely necessary for the organisations to take employees’ mental health into consideration and make it a norm in the work culture for the long run. Taal Inc. sessions have immense potential to work on various factors that impact mental health of the employees.

Along with being a Drum Circle and ArtTalks Facilitator with Taal Inc. and practicing counseling, Akshata has completed courses in Dance Movement therapy, Visual Art therapy and NLP in India. All of which makes her equipped with the tools and activities to curate and facilitate these transformational Expressive Arts and Creative Art Therapy sessions for a diverse range of populations from organisational setups to special needs groups.

This Expressive Arts For Mental Health Session led by Akshata Parekh will not only help participants relax momentarily but also leaves a longer-lasting impact making them want to make such activities a regular part of life. Packed with interactive and engaging expressive arts activities the session will help the employees effectively cope with mental health issues like stress and anxiety caused by the ongoing global pandemic.
If you’re looking for powerful and transformational online or in person team engagement or training programs, Taal Inc.Expressive Arts for Mental Health sessions Led by our expert facilitators is the answer for you. Get in touch with us to know more about these sessions or customise one for your team.

Reclaiming Connections Within and Without by Aman Joshi

In strange and testing times like this pandemic period, it’s even more essential for us to come together and reclaim the lost connections with self, our peers and whenever possible, with nature.

While on one hand, Technology has emerged as a saviour and the only tool to be able to maintain our social connections in these tough times, we’re also craving real connections out of our screens and until that happens again, this powerful and insightful session designed by Aman Joshi is an effort to reclaim these connections through various expressive, collaborative and sharing tools and modalities to rebuild these connections from the comfort of your homes.

Having deep and meaningful connections both at workplaces and in personal lives also fulfils some of the very primal and basic needs of us humans like the need for appreciation, sense of belonging, need for acknowledgement and acceptance, And it also has been proven to reduce anxiety and strengthen the immune system.

If you’re looking for powerful and transformational online or in person team engagement or training sessions, These Covid-Complaint Taal Inc. sessions Led by our expert facilitators is the answer for you. Get in touch with us to know more about these sessions or customise one for your team.

Self-Care Through Arts by Neha Oswal Bafna

The value of art has been recognised way before we came together as a society. It has been a way to reflect, express, capture and see things with a different perspective since primitive ages, cave paintings are an example of the same and the value or art has only grown exponentially over time. Art as a means of self-care is something that we’ve recognised immense benefits of and Art Therapy becomes our medium of experiencing these benefits.

Keeping the same in mind, Neha has come up with this powerful session, exclusively for women which will use tools such as creative visualisation, meditation, interactive games and sharing to dive deeper into areas such as self love, boosting confidence and self esteem and self expression. This empowering session will not only enhance self growth but will also help the participants explore the true self through powerful creative art therapy exercises and tools.

The beauty of these sessions is that they can be customised as per the needs of the group or an individual and benefit each and every participant in a way that it uplifts them, empowers them and provide them with self care tools for life.

Taal Inc. Online Junk Percussion Jam

Put on your musical hats. Bring a paint bucket or a cardboard box, utensils or just some gravel in a plastic bottle and we’ll take you on a joyride of making music using just that.

Quarantining doesn’t have to be boring and definitely not music less, While we’re certain that all of you are bringing out your inner chefs, writers, poets and artists while staying home, We came up with something extremely entertaining and stress busting to cater to your musical needs and help you meet the musician within you. The ‘Taal Inc Online Junk Percussion Jam’ is that fulfilling and rhythmic experience for you where you get to make music with junk lying around at your house, stuff that you never thought could be used to create music and jam with your family and other participants while you’re at it. Can you think of a more energetic and rejuvenating way to make your sunday mornings more memorable? Go ahead, Register here.

Taal Inc Junk Percussion Jam per person (Rs.500)

Taal Inc Junk Percussion Jam for family (Rs.750)

Online Djembe 1 on 1 Classes with Varun Venkit

Learn Djembe online with the country’s one and only Senior Certified Djembe Instructor, a powerhouse drummer and an internationally acclaimed Drum Circle Facilitator.

Always been fascinated with Djembe and wanted to learn how to play? Well, What better time to do it than now? You can now take up Online Djembe Classes with the man himself, Varun Venkit from the comfort of your home. Varun is the only Senior Certified Djembe Teacher representing the Tam Tam Mandingue International Djembe Academy in India. In these classes, you’ll learn the traditional West African Rhythms, their history and the cultural significance. Go ahead, register soon and come out of the quarantine as a Djembefola! Register here.

1 on 1 session with Varun Venkit 60 min (Rs.3100)

1 on 1 session with Varun Venkit 90 min (Rs.3700)

Online Djembe Classes with Aditya Gopalakrishnan

Want to learn Djembe with a group or have 1 on 1 classes and have the best of both worlds by playing the Djembe and diving deep into the world of Traditional West African Culture and Rhythms? You’ve landed at the right place.

1 on 1 session with Aditya Gopalakrishnan

Learn the traditional west African style of playing the Djembe with the youngest and very dynamic TTM Certified Beginner Djembe Instructor in India, Aditya Gopalakrishnan. Learn the stories and culture associated with the rhythms and have fun with the group while at it. This is a one of a kind experience where you learn a new instrument with an extremely rich cultural heritage with an expert teacher, practice it with a group and also make friends with a new music instrument, a new culture and lots of new people. Or if you prefer a more personal and direct approach towards learning, 1 on 1 classes with Aditya is the answer for you. Aditya is as comfortable, innovative and experimental with 1 on 1 classes as he is with the fun group classes, all this while you sit comfortably at your homes, could quarantining be any better?

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