Art-Based Interventions / Expressive Art Therapy
Sessions/Music + Music Therapy Sessions for
Children or Groups from Difficult Backgrounds or With Special Needs

Taal Inc. Art Talks: Art Therapy

What is Art Talks?

Introduced in August 2013 – Art Talks is a long-term, research-based, inclusive and experiential arts-based intervention program for special groups like

  • Children and or young adults with mental health needs
  • Women Self Help Groups
  • Underprivileged Groups

  • Geriatric Groups
  • At-Risk Groups
  • Gifted Groups

Art Talks

Under Art Talks, specific therapeutic goals are identified upon commencement of the program for every individual participant and positively influenced through arts-based interventions such as

  • Rhythm (Drumming)

  • Creative Movement

  • Visual Art

  • Expressive Art

  • Speech and Drama (Theatre)
  • Yoga and Pranayama
  • Sports Drills & Skills


We Primarily Work on the Areas of

  • Skill Building

  • Behavioral Problems
  • Life skills
  • Speech and Communication
  • Expression
  • Self-Awareness
  • Anger, Anxiety and Stress

Additional Objectives

Art Form

Introducing the Participants to a New Art Form

Skill Building

Development of (Musical) Rhythmic Technique / Skill

Confidence Building

Giving Participants a Sense of Achievement

Group Cohesion

Awareness of the Self and Others in the Group

Communication Skill

Awareness of Existing Mechanisms and Facilitation of Healthy Methods of Communication

Group Drumming

Exploring the Therapeutic Potential of Group Drumming


Highlighting Importance and Providing Opportunities of Counselling in the Process of Therapy for the Participants

Exploring the Potential of art Therapy

Introducing and Exploring the Potential of art Therapy Modalities with the group

Areas Where We Have Observed
Positive Change Through Art Talks Programs

Areas Where We Have Observed
Positive Change Through Art Talks Programs

  • Expressive skills (verbal & non-verbal)
  • Attention Span
  • Group and Social Etiquette
  • Recall and Memory Power
  • Sensory Stimulation
  • Self-Concept and Self-Identity

The Therapeutic Benefit of Arts

The Therapeutic Benefit of Arts

The true essence of the arts used as therapy or the therapeutic benefit of arts comes through over a period of time. We work with company Corporate-Social-Responsibility (CSR) budgets to facilitate positive change with a group of choice fitting under the umbrellas of mental health awareness, health & wellbeing, educative awareness building

Some of Our Art Talks Benefactors Are