Next in our five blogs series, The five pillars of Taal Inc. Drum Talks,is an area which plays a crucial and essential role in the smooth functioning of any workplace, Communication and Group Cohesion.

In a market of rapidly growing technology and demand, the process of effective communication has been diluted by various barriers leading to miscommunication and emerging conflicts at the workplace. Effective communication not only ensures consistent and efficient employees but helps build a positive and open environment in the organisation promoting increased productivity.

One of the major factors responsible for group cohesion is effective communication and they both go hand in hand, hence, we’ve combined the two and address them together in our sessions. 

Often when we talk about communication, we primarily refer to three areas, Speaking or verbal communication, Listening and Body language. But there’s more to communication, areas that are highlighted in A Taal Inc. Drum Talks Session through various arts and rhythm based activities. Some of those key elements of effective communication are  

  • Expressions
  • Interpretation 
  • Clarity of thought
  • Comprehension
  • Receptivity. 

Along with the three basic elements of communication, all of the aforementioned elements are experientially highlighted through various customised activities which result in better interpersonal relationships amongst employees, clarity about team objectives and goals, feeling of being appreciated, heard and acknowledged and most importantly, it leads to our second part of this specific pillar of Taal Inc. Drum Talks, Group Cohesion.

The term ‘cohesion’ comes from the Latin word ‘cohaesus’, which means to cleave or stick together. Not surprisingly, the term cohesion has been used by social psychologists to describe the tendency of groups to stick together and remain united. It’s a sense of oneness when a whole team works as one unit in synergy and harmony. This sense of oneness can be achieved through multiple mediums. In Taal Inc. Team Building or our Corporate Training sessions we prefer drumming and arts, or in Taal Inc.’s words, ‘Come. Drum. Be One.’

Let’s look at few key areas we highlight in a Taal Inc Drum Talks session to make the participants  experience Group Cohesion through our specially designed art and drumming based activities:

  • Creating a mission, a common goal:
     The most important factor to determine everyone’s involvement is your team’s clarity about the mission. We decide the goals of the group at the very beginning of the session and how we will accomplish those goals. 
  • Practicing Teamwork:
    Team-building exercises are the best way to see how individual members will work together to accomplish a goal and A Taal Inc. Drum Circle is one of the most effective team building activities out there. Before the team has to work on important tasks, we see how they handle something simple like an ice breaker. Who took the lead? Who worked well together? Use what you observe and apply it to the real mission. Plus, your team members will bond with each other in the process.
  • Celebrating Small and Big Achievements:
    When the team successfully accomplishes the missions established at the beginning, it’s important to recognize them for it. We make sure the group knows it and appreciate their work and thank them at every step of the way. 
  • Two way feedback mechanism:
     Throughout a project and after a project is complete, you need to give your team feedback. This can be a combination of individual feedback and for the team as a whole and also ask for feedback. In a Taal Inc. HR engagement session or a Drum Talks Session, we use various mediums for exchanging feedback such as sharing circles, appreciative inquiry and creative writing. This constructive feedback mechanism makes for a more cohesive team for next projects to come.

An organization whose people communicate effectively experience fewer misunderstandings that create friction between people, waste time, and decrease productivity. This module will help your team understand how their work contributes to the organisation’s strategy and goals and in turn help fill in any communication gaps leading to an improved work environment and culture.

Aman Joshi

Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator.