In the version 2.0 of the lockdown, all of us have looked back at things that kept us going in the first one and some common activities we all engaged in were all around a few themes, like, reflect, relive, reminisce, share and connect. Reflect on self and life, relive and reminisce about the beautiful memories and learnings from the past, share experiences with the world virtually and connect with self, relatives, friends and fellow beings more deeply. We at Taal Inc. also went through all of these phases as an organisation and as a team. After a lot of reflection, now we relive and reminisce as we look back to how the year in the pandemic was for us and share with you some of the most beautiful highlights of the year. Here it is:

Of Course it all started with Online Djembe Classes, as the world was moving towards online learning, we made that transition as well. Wasn’t a smooth ride in the beginning but after a few trial and errors and some zoom settings later, we were at it and how!

To give the Online Drum Classes a little bit of a twist and make them more inclusive, we curated these open to all Online Junk Percussion Sessions, where anyone could join us from the comfort of their homes and make music with anything they could find at home, yes, you heard that right.

When most of us were busy taking these online sessions, our star facilitator and mental health professional Akshata Parekh was busy taking online therapy sessions and preparing Taal Inc. Therapy Room to take 1 on 1 Art Therapy Sessions whenever it’ll be allowed again.

After the first few difficult months of the lockdown, things started to look a little better when we could manage to have our first 1 on 1 in person Djembe Class after months, all in a covid compliant way.

Now as things opened up little more and Covid Compliant Events became a new norm, we did a few very interesting sessions. In the pictures are Varun Venkit and Neha Oswal Facilitating a Corporate Training Session, a Wedding Drum Circle and a private celebration under our Celebrate With Taal Inc. session.

If we could do a Junk Percussion session online, we could certainly do it offline and that too all the way up in the mountains in Himachal Pradesh with the backdrop of some breathtaking snow capped mountains.

And Finally, to complete the cycle, here we are again, facilitating online sessions and Djembe classes.

This is one circle we didn’t want to become full but now that we’re at it, we’re making the most of it by doing what we love most and offering a wide range of online classes and sessions for all of you to take part in. So, have you registered for one yet?

Aman Joshi
Taal Inc.Drum Circle Facilitator