Whether it is a Taal Inc. Drum Circle at a Company as their Team Building Activity or a student reviewing his experience after a three month West African Djembe Module, the aim is to bring out the best in each and every one through rhythm, music and the arts.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Needless to say, client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We make sure that we tweak our session to fit into the needs of the event. It is the smaller things, it shows in what the facilitator says during and after the session, how we weave in and out easily from the previous session. That’s where the Taal Inc magic is. That’s why Best Drum Circle is Taal Inc.

Even though a Taal Inc. Drum Circle is a group activity, our process is such that it has focus on individuals and builds up in a way that every individual realities that the individuals and a team always compliment one another and one can’t exist without the other. We call it the ‘Fractal Approach’ where each part of the larger structure has the same formation and character as the whole. We aim to bring this realization to every team member and bring about a feeling of co-existing as a reflection of each other and that’s another reason why Taal Inc. Drum Circle is the Best Drum Circle Experience for your entire team, it brings people together and builds bonding better than any other experience can.

Still don’t believe us? We’ll let the numbers tell you the story. Over the course of 14 years, Taal Inc. has drummed with close to 500000 people, yes, half a million people. There are not many states in the country where we’ve not traveled to drum and have also drummed with people internationally. Talking about the corporate sector, we take pride in having drummed with most of the major corporations in the country and well, there are not many occasions or the type of celebrations left where Taal inc. hasn’t spread joy through rhythm, be it weddings, corporate training, off sites, annual get together, fashion shows, logo launches, award functions or birthday parties, we’ve been happy to add beats to them all.

Despite these numbers and the highly skilled team of expert facilitators, our strength lies in our humility and our core belief that everyone can drum and hence, there’s no group too small for us, be it 10 people or 2000, we will be happy to organise a Drum Circle for the occasion.

We hope to be able to drum with more of you to spread awareness of the benefits of a regular dose of ‘Vitamin Drum’. Once we are past this global Corona pandemic, we hope to drum with you again! Until then, stay home and stay positive everyone…

In Solidarity,
Aman Joshi