Covid Compliant Corporate Drum Circle

What plans do you have now since the restrictions are slowly lifting (and we hope will remain lifted)? Some of you may be planning a nice family dinner and some, a long due get together with friends. Offices are planning to open up slowly and a lot of you may already have made your much needed holiday reservations.

Let me recommend you a few other essential activities you must include your post pandemic plans:

1. Give Yourself A Mental Health Check: Yes! The first thing anyone should do after coming out of such a worldwide catastrophic event is take care of your mental health. The pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of almost everyone lately and giving yourself that present is the best thing you can do for yourself and those around you and Taal Inc. Counselling Centre For Expressive Arts is here to help you with just that. Be it one on one counselling sessions with our in house mental health experts or taking a different approach to therapy by exploring mediums such as Creative Arts Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy we’re here to help.

2. Learn A New Music Instrument: Learning a new music instrument can do wonders to you and a Djembe happens to be the perfect instrument you can pick up to learn and keep yourself engaged in your post pandemic routine. You can Learn to play drums online by registering in Taal Inc. Online Drum Classes or you can go for one on one offline classes. Our Djembe classes will not only equip you with the traditional West African rhythms but also give you an exposure to the fascinating and culturally rich heritage of West Africa.

3. Experience a Covid-Compliant Taal Inc. Drum Circle: We’ve written a lot about how magical a Taal Inc. Drum Circle experience can be but it never seems to be enough and precisely because of that, it’s a perfect activity to include in your plans. Be it a gathering of friends or a celebration, a Corporate Offsite Event or a Women’s Drum Circle for your girl’s night out. A Taal Inc. Drum Circle can be as healing as it can be full of fun, enthralling and a bonding experience for your team or family, all with following all the necessary covid protocols.

A good news for you, you can get it all under one big umbrella of Taal Inc. Give us a call on 77678 62929 once you’ve made your choice and we’ll help you make your post pandemic plans memorable for life.

-Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator