Women's Drum Circle Led by Akshata Parekh

Going to a nice restaurant and having a delicious meal. Meeting your tribe at your favorite spot. Sitting by the beach and sipping on a cold one. Traveling to the mountains and exploring your adventurous self. What’s common between all these statements you ask? Well, these are all the things a lot of us are missing and eagerly waiting to be able to do again.

In our case at Taal Inc. we’d like to add another experience to the list. All of us are quite eagerly waiting to get back in that circle and give all of you an amazing drum circle to remember and when we get to do these sessions after really long gaps, we can’t help but share the experience with you all.

This time is no different. Akshata Parekh, one of our star facilitators got to facilitate a Drum Circle a few days ago after what seemed like an eternity and in her own words, she went on to express how the experience was:

Before the session, I was slightly nervous because it seemed like a completely new experience meeting so many people and being in the circle after so long. That made me want to trust my instinct and go in without a structured plan and let the session take shape as it goes and grows and it did turn out to be beautiful.

The session was for a group of participants in an NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming) course and being an NLP facilitator myself, I definitely had some NLP concepts in my mind that I wanted to bring to everyone’s notice and I focused on that.

But what was surprisingly amazing was just how the group had a rhythm of its own and I didn’t have to do much and the group rhythm really helped me to ground myself after being in the center of the circle. I deliberately didn’t do any of the structured activities and the magic just was created by itself.

So overall the experience started off being in a space of nervousness and then by just having the grounding of the rhythm that was being played in the group as well as some NLP concepts that I wanted to bring to everyone’s notice the session just took off beautifully.Having a clear objective and intention was also something that really helped me bring out the best from the participants and once I got comfortable in the circle, it became really easy for me to follow the intuition and follow what came up from the group.

These are the kind of experiences we strive for and when we are able to do these sessions after such long gaps, our happiness just goes over the roof. We do hope that we are able to continue doing what we love to do and curate these lively, energetic, healing and empowering sessions for all of you but most of all, we hope that all of you are safe and we see you with a smile whenever that happens.

Aman Joshi
Taal Inc. Drum Circle Facilitator